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Ways to Spring Into Good Health

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring is in full swing, but have you taken advantage of all that the season has to offer yet? This time of the year brings warmer temperatures and longer days but sometimes it’s tough to get out of hibernation mode, so we thought we would help! Check out 5-hour ENERGY®’s spring wellness tips.

Survive the Allergy Season
April showers bring May flowers and allergies too! These Spring allergies can impact several aspects of your life, so getting the right allergy treatment is key to make it through. Besides your average allergy treatments, there are other things you can do to help tame those stubborn seasonal allergies.
  • When you’re outside, wear sunglasses to help block pollen from entering your eyes
  • Avoid line drying your clothes outdoors during high pollen days
  • If you’re outside for a large part of the day, shower at night to remove pollen from your hair so it doesn't spread to your pillows
  • Wear a hat when you’re outside to keep pollen from landing on your head

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

There are many reasons that spring cleaning is important, one being health benefits. If you have allergies or asthma, cleaning is a must because dust buildup contributes to sneezing and wheezing. In addition, cleaning benefits your mental health because living in a clean, clutter free environment decreases anxiety and stress. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to clean those nooks and crannies that you don’t usually get to otherwise. Also, washing your blinds and curtains is another simple way to reduce sneeze attacks and itchy eyes.

Get Outdoors and Get Active
It can be hard to get back in the swing of being active outside, but your body will thank you once you get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Simple activities like going for a jog, walking the dog, hiking or visiting a state park are simple ways to get your body going. Spring is also the time when 5K and 10K run/walks, half and full marathons start popping up, so why not sign up and give it a try? It’s a great goal to work towards and really gets your body moving while also enjoying the outdoors.

Freshen Your Diet
Spring is when many different fruits and vegetables come into season. This means your grocery store will be stocked with tasty produce and most likely at a better value than during the offseason. Vegetables including asparagus, carrots and peas and fruits like strawberries, cherries and kiwi all come into season in the Spring time, along with many others. Take advantage of these fresh foods by integrating them into your daily diet. They’re healthy and delicious, and before you know it they will be out of season, so enjoy them while you can!

From saying goodbye to dust bunnies to saying hello to fresh produce, spring brings several opportunities and it’s up to you to make the most of the season. Do you have a favorite spring wellness tip? Share with us via comment or on our Facebook page!


Pin Your Fitness Inspiration in the 5-hour ENERGY® Fitspiration Pinterest Sweepstakes

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Summer is just around the corner with longer days and warmer temperatures, making this sunny season one that many of us look forward to. One of our favorite parts about summer is being able to get outside and be active again, which is one of the reasons why we created the 5-hour ENERGY® Fitspiration Sweepstakes! Our new sweepstakes begins today and is aimed to help get you motivated and back in the swing of a summer workout routine. Share with us your favorite fitness images and you could be selected to receive a $50 Visa gift card and a 5-hour ENERGY® prize package that will help you reach your fitness goals!

To enter the 5-hour ENERGY® Fitspiration Sweepstakes, the first thing you need to do is follow us on Pinterest. Create a board titled ‘5-hour ENERGY® Fitspiration’ and fill it with one of each of the following fitness-focused Pins of the following topics, in no particular order:

Within the caption of each of your 10 Pins, you must include the number and image topic that is being Pinned. For example, ‘#2 Fit tip’, or ‘#6 Dream vacation destination’.  After you have a Pin for each of the 10 topics, the last thing you need to do is submit your Fitspiration board to the 5-hour ENERGY® Fitspiration Sweepstakes page by May 31, 2013. All qualified entrants will be entered to win 90 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®, a $50 Visa gift card, 5-hour ENERGY® ear buds and a 5-hour ENERGY® tumbler.

If you need some help brainstorming what you could Pin, we’re here to help! Head over to the 5-hour ENERGY® Fitspiration board for a few ideas to get you started. Happy Pinning! 

The Track Too Tough to Tame - Darlington Raceway

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This weekend Clint Bowyer will be heading to South Carolina to race at one of NASCAR's oldest tracks…Darlington Raceway! In addition to being a historic track, The Lady in Black also has many other unique features that make the race thrilling for fans and drivers, including the risk of the Darlington Stripe. Let us fill you in with a little raceway history before you tune in to Saturday's race.

Did you know Darlington Raceway's roots date back to 1949? What would become Darlington Raceway started as an old cotton field in rural Darlington, South Carolina. At the time NASCAR was still in its infancy, so when local businessman Harold Brasington sought to turn the land into a race track, many locals thought he was insane. Though he had little support, Brasington set out in the fall of 1949 to turn the old cotton field into a 1 ¼ mile raceway. Brasington intended for the track to be a true oval, but NASCAR fans know that is not how the raceway turned out. During construction, the track’s design had to be modified per the landowner's request. Turns 3 and 4 were narrowed because landowner Sherman Ramsey didn’t want his nearby minnow pond to be disturbed. After about a year of construction the track was completed and fans overflowed the stands for the first race on Labor Day, 1950.

Because of Ramsey's request, Darlington has become famous for its unique egg-shaped design and has become one of the most respected grounds in NASCAR history. Strangely, getting a stripe from the wall is how a driver earns his respect for the track, and is deemed the Darlington Stripe. At most tracks, the fastest line is against the white line but at Darlington it's the opposite, which is where the Darlington Stripe comes in. In order to get a fast lap that could put them at the front of the pack, drivers take the upper line, putting them at risk of scraping up the right door of their car. The reward is what makes the risk worth it, which is why the Darlington Stripe is the only time a driver doesn’t mind seeing damage to their car.

Another aspect of the Darlington Raceway NASCAR fans will enjoy is the Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum. From old cars to contemporary cars, the museum's exhibits celebrate the track's rich, 60+ year history. Racing fans can even see Richard Petty's 1967 Plymouth, a car that won him 10 races that year as well as Darrell Waltrip's 1991 Chevy Lumina, the car that rolled eight times in the Pepsi 400 which was one of the most fearsome crashes in stock car history. Visitors can also check out the National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame, where numerous photos, memorabilia and interactive exhibits showcase NASCAR and its personalities.

Although it may be one of the oldest tracks in NASCAR, updates and renovations to the facility make races at Darlington ones that both fans and drivers love to attend. While the walls of Darlington Raceway are painted a clean, crisp white now, they sure won’t be white after Saturday's race! We're wishing Clint Bowyer the best of luck as they take on the Lady in Black this weekend!


5 Things You May Not Know About Baseball

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bill Veeck is quoted as saying “There are only two seasons - winter and Baseball”.  As the 2013 Major League Baseball season kicks off, and our latest commercial featuring former baseball and football legend Bo Jackson begins airing, the 5-hour ENERGY® team is ready to play ball! Whether you’re a lifelong baseball fan or just ready to get outside for some peanuts and Cracker Jack ® with friends, a little obscure baseball knowledge is on deck, courtesy of 5-hour ENERGY®!  Check out these five fun facts you may not know about America’s favorite pastime…

Youngblood Hits for Two Different Teams…on the Same Day
Joel Youngblood went down in history as the first player to get hits for two different teams, in two different cities on the same day! In 1982, Youngblood played as a centerfielder for the New York Mets. In a game against the Cubs, he hit a two-run single and later in the same game he was replaced by another center fielder and traded to the Montreal Expos. Youngblood was rushed to Philadelphia to be with his new team and was thrown into the game where he hit a single, making him the first player to have a hit on the same day for two different teams.

Baylor’s Back to Back to Back World Series
Currently Don Baylor is a hitting coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, but during his baseball career he had quite the run! From his MVP title in 1979 to winning three Silver Slugger awards, Baylor was an outstanding player, but the thing you might not know is that he played in the World Series three consecutive times in his career…for three different teams! Baylor’s World Series run started in 1986 with the Boston Red Sox, continued in 1987 with the Minnesota Twins and finished in 1988 with the Oakland Athletics.  Unfortunately, Baylor’s only World Series win was during his time with the Twins in 1987.

Twins Manage Two Triple Plays
In a game against the Red Sox in 1990, the Minnesota Twins became the first team in Major League Baseball history to turn two triple plays in the same game. The first triple play was in the fourth inning and the second was in the eighth, and both played out in a similar fashion. Each started with a sharp hit to third baseman Gary Gaetti and went 5-4-3. Oddly enough, even with the two triple plays, the Twins still ended up losing the game.

Piersall Runs the Bases Backwards
Center fielder Jimmy Piersall was a bit of a character and performed several stunts during baseball games, including climbing a grandstand roof to heckle an umpire and going up to bat wearing a Beatles wig. While people may remember Piersall for his wacky approach to the game, one of his biggest stunts happened when he played for the New York Mets. In the fifth inning of a game against the Phillies, Piersall hit his 100th career home run and ran the bases facing backwards. While other people laughted , Mets manager Casey Stengel wasn’t amused and Piersall was given a pink slip.

Opening Day Forfeit
On opening day in 1907, the New York Giants played the Philadelphia Phillies at home after an unusual and massive April snowstorm. Members of the grounds crew were called early in the morning to clear the field of snow so the game wouldn’t have to be postponed. The field was cleared and diehard baseball fans showed up to opening day. Towards the end of the game, as the Giants continued to fall behind, things started to go downhill as fans began to throw snowballs at each other and on to the field. Security was called to try and stop the quickly escalating snowball fight, but they could not. Things got so out of control that the umpire ordered a forfeit, with Philadelphia’s 3-0 lead as the final score, making the game the only opening day forfeit in baseball history.

Did your favorite baseball story make our list? If not, share with a comment or on our Facebook page!


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