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Empty Bottle Brainchild Contest Coming to a Close

Friday, January 25, 2013

We hope you haven’t been throwing away your empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles! Last March we launched the Empty Bottle Brainchild Contest and it’s wrapping up on January 31, 2013. You still have a few days left to enter, so we wanted to refresh your memory on the details of this crafty contest!

When launching the Empty Bottle Brainchild contest, we invited our fans to save or gather empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles to concoct an originally crafted creation!  From 5-hour ENERGY® pyramids stacked high in a cubicle to an overflowing collection of empties in glove compartments, we've seen so many pictures sent in by our loyal fans that we wanted to reward you for making something awesome! Put those empties to good use and you could win big! The first prize for the ‘Empty Bottle Brainchild’ contest is a year’s supply of 5-hour ENERGY® and the second and third place winners will be awarded a 6-month and 3-month supply, respectively.

Are you in need of some inspiration? You might remember our previous first place Empty Bottle Brainchild winner, Matt Bellner, who created his own 5-hour ENERGY® putting green! Our second place winner, Candice Donato, decked herself out in 5-hour ENERGY® jewelry and our third place winner, Steven Arant, made his office space go from drab to fab by lining his cubicle with empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles.

This year’s contestants are thinking just as creatively! We've already received several innovative entries including 5-hour ENERGY® dumbbells, a year-round 5-hour ENERGY® tree that towers over its creator and even a functioning 5-hour ENERGY® windmill! If you think your empty bottle brainchild can beat these, you'll need to submit it soon!

Don’t forget about our contest guidelines:
  • Submissions must be received on or before January 31, 2013
  • All entrants must provide applicable contact information and complete required release forms
  • All works of art must be original and be created using actual 5-hour ENERGY® bottles
  • Submissions must be made via the 5-hour ENERGY® Website, Facebook Page or an image sent by mail to 5-hour ENERGY® headquarters
We’re looking forward to seeing all of the amazing things our fans can do with their empty bottles! Don’t forget to turn in your submission on or before January 31.  Enter Today!

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NASCAR's Gen-6 Car - Out with the Old, In With the New!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The wait is almost over racing fans! The start of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season is just around the corner! Clint Bowyer and the rest of the Sprint Cup drivers will be heading to Daytona International Speedway for the Sprint Unlimited on February 16. This year fans are even more excited for the season thanks to the arrival of the Generation-6 car (Gen-6 car). This new style of car features several updates from the Car of Tomorrow we've gotten used to watching in seasons past.

According to NASCAR, the Gen-6 car is the biggest change since the introduction of the Car of Tomorrow in 2007. The goals in releasing the Gen-6 Car are to rebuild brand identity among automotive manufacturers and to provide upgrades to improve competition in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. Get a head start on the 2013 season and get to know the main physical and internal changes from last season's Car of Tomorrow!

It's all about the brand

Regardless of the car's brand, the Car of Tomorrow was built with a template that was used by all manufacturers. This means that Clint's #15 Toyota Camry was nearly identical in appearance to all of the other cars on the track. While the sponsor decals helped fans spot their drivers, the makes and models were hard to decipher with the cookie-cutter look of the Car of Tomorrow. The Gen-6 will look more like a street vehicle, meaning Clint Bowyer's #15 racecar will look more like a Toyota Camry than his 2012 car did. This change ties into one of the Gen-6's goals of rebuilding brand identity for the manufacturers, while also hoping to reignite the loyalty and rivalry among fans to their driver's car manufacturers.

New additions to the roof and windshield

The Gen-6 Cars also have a decal of the drivers' names on the windshield. The sponsor can also place a logo towards the back of the roof next to the driver's number.

Car length changes

Fans will also notice changes in the car's nose and tail length. In order for the Gen-6 to look more like their street car counterparts, the nose of the car will be two inches longer and the tail six inches shorter.

New safety enhancements

The Gen-6 has a few new safety features; the first is the addition of a carbon fiber hood and trunk lid (also known as a decklid). In the past, teams have tried to make their car more aerodynamic by making their hood and decklids flexible which allows them to cave in at high speeds. Carbon fiber is lightweight and strong, so it eliminates the advantage that teams may have gained. The second addition to the Gen-6 is a bumped up roll cage support. By adding a forward roof bar and a center roof support bar to reinforce the roll cage, this decreases the risk of the roof collapsing.

 The changes made to the Gen-6 car will make it the safest, most competitive and identifiable car in NASCAR history. Keep an eye out for these differences on Clint Bowyer's #15 Toyota Camry when you cheer him on at the Daytona season opener!