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5-hour ENERGY® Celebrates the 'Race to the Championship' Contest

Monday, September 17, 2012

NASCAR's regular season might be over, but that just means it’s time for the Chase! Since our very own Clint Bowyer will be racing in the postseason excitement, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with another contest. 5-hour ENERGY® would like to announce the 'Race to the Championship' Contest. We’re inviting all racing fans to answer a variety of trivia questions for a chance to win some great prizes, including autographed Clint Bowyer apparel, diecast cars, bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® and more!

Over the next 10 weeks, fans will find trivia questions posted across the 5-hour ENERGY® social channels. Our fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest will all have the chance to get in on the action, so become a fan soon! 5-hour ENERGY® will post one trivia question each day; the answer to which must be submitted through the registration form. Each question will be valid for one day. Each day the questions will be posted across the different official 5-hour ENERGY® social accounts, so watch all the 5-hour ENERGY® social channels closely; become a fan, follow us, or add us to your circles today so you don’t miss out on a chance to win! Each correct answer warrants an additional entry. The more you enter, the better your chances of winning.

The 5-hour ENERGY® Team has put together some irresistible prize packs for six lucky winners. We are sure 5-hour ENERGY® Racing fans will not be disappointed. Check out these awesome prize packages up for grabs:

First prize (1 Winner) - The Ultimate Clint Bowyer Prize Pack:
  • Clint Bowyer cardboard cutout
  • Chase Authentics Clint Bowyer 2012 Official Replica Uniform Jacket, Visor and Hat
  • Autographed Action Racing Collectibles Clint Bowyer '12 5-hour ENERGY® #15 Camry, 1:24
  • Autographed Chase Authentics Clint Bowyer 5 Hour Energy 2012 Official Pit Cap
  • Autographed Chase Authentics Clint Bowyer 2012 Name & Number T-Shirt
  • 72 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®

Second and Third Prize (1 Winner each):
  • Autographed Action Racing Collectibles Clint Bowyer '12 5-hour ENERGY® #15 Camry, 1:24
  • Autographed Chase Authentics Clint Bowyer 5 Hour Energy 2012 Official Pit Cap
  • Men’s White Clint Bowyer T-shirt, Big #15 on Front
  • 60 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Prize:
  • Men’s White Clint Bowyer T-shirt, #15 on Front with Stars/Stripes on Back
  • 30 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®

Clint and the 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Team have had quite a season so far. With wins in Sonoma and Richmond, six Top 5 finishes and fifteen Top 10 finishes, we’re excited about Clint's chances in the Chase! As the first year of our sponsorship with Clint is nearing its end, we invite all fans to help us cheer Clint on as he races for the championship! Don’t forget about the 'Race to the Championship' Contest in all the excitement of the Chase, the contest ends on Monday, November 19, 2012, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our trivia questions. Good luck!

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And the Winner of the 5-hour ENERGY® VIP Racing Experience is…

Friday, September 7, 2012

5-hour ENERGY® is pleased to announce that Peter J. Gajkowski Jr. of Valley Stream, NY is the winner of its VIP Racing Experience Sweepstakes. The lucky winner receives a race fan’s dream trip which includes:

• Travel and accommodations for winner and guest to Charlotte, NC from October 12 through October 14
• Unique team access at the track including garage and pit tour, driver introductions and watching the race from the pit box
• Honorary pit crew memberships
• Winner’s name on Clint Bowyer’s #15 5-hour ENERGY® Toyota Camry
• Two tickets to the NASCAR Hall of Fame
• Transportation to and from race, and to and from hotel/airport
• MWR shop tour
• Meet and have pictures taken with Michael Waltrip and Clint Bowyer

Peter is a 5-hour ENERGY® lover and a racing fan, which makes him the perfect fit for this prize! Learn more about Peter and his reaction to winning this ultimate racing package in this interview:

Q- How did you hear about the 5-hour ENERGY® VIP Racing Sweepstakes?
A- I follow MWR on Twitter saw that they posted a contest. The day it opened up I entered and thought nothing of it until I got the email saying that I won.

Q- What inspired you to enter the sweepstakes?
A- I entered because the package was too good to pass up and with the thought that you have to be in the game to win it.

Q- How long have you been a racing fan?
A- I have been a NASCAR fan for years, but in 2006 I got the chance to attend a live NASCAR race. Clint and the MWR team are a team I respect. I like the team since Michael Waltrip raced for DEI, the team I became a fan of when I first started watching NASCAR.

Q- Are you a 5-hour ENERGY® fan? When did you first take 5-hour ENERGY®?
A- Yes, I am a fan. The first time I had 5-hour ENERGY® was on a road trip to North Carolina to visit family and attend a NASCAR race. I was heading through New Jersey around 4 a.m. and I knew if I didn’t do something I might fall asleep on the road. I stopped at a rest stop to see if they had anything that might help. I saw 5-hour ENERGY® and remembered a co-worker, who works nights, saying good things about it. I grabbed two and the rest is history.

Q- What was your initial reaction after you found out you had won the 5-hour ENERGY® VIP Sweepstakes?
A- My reaction was pure shock. I didn’t think I would win! Never in a million years did I think I would have a chance to be so close to the cars and the pit crews. I called everyone I know because I was so excited!

Q- Which part of the VIP Experience are you looking forward to most?
A- The whole experience is awesome, but there are two things I am looking forward to most. The first is having my name on the car because not many people can say they have had that happen to them. The other is being in the pits during a race. To be so close and to see the pit crew working so hard to make sure that car can win will be so exciting.

Q- How excited are you to see your name on Clint’s car?
A- It’s a dream come true. I have always wanted to drive in NASCAR but have never tried it, so instead of me driving the car and being a superstar like Clint, I can have this instead. I think it might be one of the greatest things to happen to me in my life so far.

Q- Have you entered other 5-hour ENERGY® contests/sweepstakes before?
A- I have never entered a 5-hour ENERGY® contest before but I might start to now. I told all my friends how awesome you guys are and to enter because you never know what you might win from 5-hour ENERGY®!

Q- What lucky person will you be taking with you?
A- I’m taking my cousin’s husband Kenny with me for this once in a lifetime experience. He took me to my first NASCAR race and we’ve been to a few other races. We’ve had so many great memories together through racing, so this will be another one to remember!

The 5-hour ENERGY® team will be checking in on Peter during and after his VIP racing experience, so stay tuned for updates. Congratulations Peter!

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One Last Race to Make the Chase - History of Richmond International Raceway

Clint and the 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Team are revved up and ready to go for this weekend’s race! Before the green flag waves at the Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway, we thought you may want some background information on America’s Premier Short Track. Virginia’s Richmond Raceway Complex is home to a variety of events throughout the year, but this weekend fans are gearing to see which drivers will make the Chase.

Richmond International Raceway (RIR) has a long history, with its racing roots dating back to the 1940s. On October 12, 1946 the inaugural race at this location was held. Ted Horn won the first race at this historic track while driving an open-wheel car. What was then known as the Atlantic Rural Exposition Fairground offered racers a half-mile dirt track. Horn’s victory kicked off a long and rich racing history at Richmond International Raceway.

Racing firsts at the Atlantic Rural Exposition Fairground continued with Lee Petty winning the first NASCAR Grand National Division Race April 19, 1953, driving at an average speed of 45.535 miles per hour. Racing grew more and more popular at the fairgrounds which caused the spring and fall races to be lengthened from 100 miles to 125 miles between 1961 and 1962. Fall races were lengthened again in 1962, going from 125 miles to 150 miles which, at RIR was the equivalent of 300 laps.

On September 9, 1973 “The King” of NASCAR, Richard Petty won the longest race in Richmond history, the Capital City 500, which lasted a whopping 4 hours, 13 minutes and 17 seconds. Shortly after, in 1974, NASCAR shortened several of its races by 10 percent to help offset a national energy crisis. This reduced RIR’s race from 271 miles to 243.9 miles. In 1976, the race was shortened one final time to 216.8 miles, which is the 400 lap distance that Richmond International Raceway uses today.

Richard Petty, son of Lee Petty, holds most of RIR’s Sprint Cup Series records, including the most wins (13), the most top five finishes (34), the most top 10 finishes (41), the most starts (63) and the most laps led (5,136). Other driving legends have had memorable races and finishes at RIR as well. In 1984 Ricky Rudd raced just over a week after sustaining serious facial injuries in a crash at Daytona and finished 16th. In 1985 Dale Earnhardt earned his first victory at Richmond, beating out Geoff Bodine by a mere 0.3 seconds and in 1989 Rusty Wallace won the first of six races at Richmond on the .75-mile configuration.

When you combine the exciting atmosphere produced by the lights of the track with the short track length, a great race is guaranteed. To make at things even more exciting this weekend, this is the last race for those drivers attempting to make the Chase! Even though 5-hour ENERGY®’s Clint Bowyer has already sealed his spot in the 2012 Chase, a win at Richmond would provide some nice bonus points!