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5-hour ENERGY® Scavenger Hunt Winner Unveiled!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Many of you showed us your drive and determination when you successfully found all 15 of the 5-hour ENERGY® racing tokens on the 5-hour ENERGY® website! Whether you needed some clues or you found them all on your own, we congratulate you for your dedication and scavenger skills. We are happy to announce that our lucky scavenger hunt winner is Michael Reilly, who will be taking home a year's supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots! We hope that 365 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® will help keep Michael sharp for the year to come.
We tried to keep the hunt challenging and to see what our fans could bring to the table by scattering the contest codes across our website and social channels.

• Facebook: Our Facebook fans found one of the 15 tokens on our Facebook page, code: Profile.

• Twitter: This token was probably an easy one to find for those of you following us on Twitter! This Twitter token's code was Energy Guy.

• The 5-hour ENERGY® website: The rest of the racing tokens were scattered around the 5-hour ENERGY® website. Our scavengers had to look in places like our racing gallery, our featured fans page, the Energy Enquirer, and our 5-hour ENERGY® Myths page, just to name a few.

Now it's YOUR turn to use your skills in the next 5-hour ENERGY® contest!
We hope these helpful hints will give you a better start in the next 5-hour ENERGY® Scavenger Hunt! In the meantime, your next chance to win a supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots is right around the corner. Check out our 5-hour ENERGY® Black Friday Bonanza Contest before you head out for your midnight shopping extravaganza! Not only can you pick up a free sample of 5-hour ENERGY® to power you through the night, you could win free 5-hour ENERGY® shots, a $50 Wal-Mart gift card and a 5-hour ENERGY® hat!

Good luck 5-hour fans!


5-hour ENERGY® Black Friday Bonanza

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Black Friday is near, which means shoppers are gearing up for extended store hours and limited time sales. Some shoppers go so far as to camp outside of stores overnight to ensure they will be one of the first to get their hands on the great deals Black Friday has to offer. With shoppers pulling all nighters in lines, or setting their alarm clocks earlier than usual the day after a holiday, exhaustion is unavoidable. But 5-hour ENERGY® is here to help!

Be sure to add a stop at Walmart to your Black Friday plans. Walmart’s Black Friday ad highlights the great deals that are going to be available. You also have the chance to stay energized with free 5-hour ENERGY® samples at these participating Walmart stores from 10:00 p.m. through 1:00 a.m. Let us give you a boost so you don’t have to stop your shopping!

Also in the spirit of sales and shopping, 5-hour ENERGY® is excited to announce its Black Friday Bonanza Contest. Black Friday offers great sales, as well as the potential for crazy shopping experiences. When you’re out shopping this Black Friday, take a photo of your goods with the 5-hour ENERGY® sample you receive at Walmart, or the 5-hour ENERGY® you carried with you, that helped get you through your day. Extra Strength Grape and a new pair of boots? Original Pomegranate on your new entertainment system? We want to see it all! If you don’t find anything, that’s Ok too. Show us your picture with your 5-hour ENERGY® anyway! Submit your photo with a message of up to 50 words to the 5-hour ENERGY® contest page or 5-hour ENERGY® Facebook page. Tell us about your experience and you could be one of the 25 lucky winners, who will receive a $50 Walmart gift card, a 12-pack of 5-hour ENERGY® and a cool 5-hour ENERGY® hat. The Black Friday Bonanza Contest starts November 17, 2011 and runs through November 29, 2011, so send us your photos and story for a chance to win!

Black Friday offers shoppers many perks: early hours, discounts, special sales, and more. It also comes with some concerns, such as large crowds and anxious shoppers. Check out these tips to make your Black Friday shopping experience a safe one.

1. Get your rest – Try and get a good night’s sleep before your Black Friday shopping. Being agitated while shopping can only lead to conflict.

2. Eat a good breakfast – Before shopping, have a good breakfast so you won’t lose energy throughout the day. Foods like eggs or waffles are good sources of energy, as they provide you with a good dose of protein and carbs.

3. Be prepared – know what stores have what deals so you’re not going in to the chaos blind. Knowing the store’s layout in case traffic gets out of hand is also a good idea. Be sure to dress according to the weather if you know you’ll be waiting in lines outside

4. Pick a shopping buddy – Going with a buddy can not only help take advantage of Black Friday deals with two sets of hands, but there is also safety in numbers. You can look out for each other. Make sure to pick a meeting place in case you get separated.
5. Be alert – keep wallets and purses close in case of pick pockets, keep your distance from people who get out of control so you don’t get in the middle of any potential outbreaks.

Stay safe and be courteous this Black Friday, and don't forget to snap some pictures for us along the way. We want to hear all about how you made your shopping trip successful and fun!


Creepy Costume and Décor Contest Winners

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
The full moon has faded, the zombies have returned to their graves and neighborhoods all over the country have returned to a state of normalcy. Now is the time to celebrate the winners of the 5-hour ENERGY®'s Creepy Costume and Décor Contest! Throughout the month of October, these three 5-hour ENERGY® fans used their creativity to enhance their Halloween, 5-hour style. We asked fans to come up with the best 5-hour ENERGY® themed Halloween decorations or costumes and send us a photo of their creation. Below are the winning entries:

Our first prize winner and the recipient of 72 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® and a 5-hour ENERGY® fleece is Cormac Hawney from New Orleans, Louisiana. Cormac used a garbage can and a blown up image of the 5-hour ENERGY® logo and nutritional facts to produce a life-size bottle of his favorite flavor. We were blown away by Cormac's creativity and passion to introduce 5-hour ENERGY® to his local Halloween festivities!

"The ingredients are as follows: 1 garbage can, a shriner hat, golden tassels removed, 2 bungee cords, 1 red full body spandex suit, and, with the help of my wonderful sister, one, blown up scanned image of the 5 Hour Energy logo, designed to fit the dimensions of the trash can. The process was painstaking but fun… On Halloween night, I promoted 5 Hour Energy on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, a street known for its massive Halloween gathering each year."

Dave Rera took home our second place prize of 36 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® and a 5-hour ENERGY® beanie. Dave and company also molded themselves into life-sized 5-hour ENERGY® bottles. We thought his "last minute costume" was a great success, especially adding a partner to create a 5-hour ENERGY® Two Pack!

"Limited time, low budget, posterboard, a ton of glitter, duct tape, and paint pens make for the best halloween costumes. Of course, a couple bottles of 5 hour energy extra strength helped add to the creativity and timeliness of our last minute costumes."

Our third place prize of 12 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® and a 5-hour ENERGY® beanie went to Kimberlee Chandler of Hudson, Florida. Kimberlee incorporated 5-hour ENERGY® into her crafty Halloween decoration. She constructed a haunted house lingering in the shadows of a graveyard and an Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® fence.

Congratulations to our Creepy Costume and Décor Contest Winners and thanks to all who submitted their spooky designs. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter and be on the lookout for our next 5-hour ENERGY® contest!