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Staying Motivated in the Midst of Energy-Draining Challenges

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
During times of plenty, exciting work projects jumpstart you and your team, giving way to energetic and productive workdays. However, if the work balance shifts leaving too few or too many projects on your to-do list, it can be tough to stay motivated. In times of dulling momentum, use the following tips to stay sharp:

Determine the cause of your waning attitude: Ask yourself why you're losing your edge at work and come up with an honest conclusion. Determine if you and your team members are:
  • Bogged down with projects and working too hard

  • In need of more work or more challenging projects

  • Not satisfied with the type or level of projects to which you're assigned

If you're working too hard, implement stress coping strategies that will make the work day run more smoothly. What steps can you take to be more efficient on each project? It can be easy to make excuses for incomplete projects by telling yourself and your superiors that "there just aren't enough hours in the day." However, while you may be busy, you might also be sabotaging your workplace productivity by thinking negatively. Get the most out of your time at work by:
  • Developing a priority list and daily achievement goals

  • Logging your hours to determine whether or not you're using your time and resources efficiently

  • Asking for help from other team member or your superiors

  • Staying positive

If work has slowed, it can be tempting to develop habits of languor that will be tough to break when a project does come up. However, giving in to these behaviors also puts you at risk if slow business leads to cuts or layoffs. To stay motivated even during tough times:
  • Stay on top of your game within your industry by researching new methods or practicing techniques that have gotten rusty.

  • Get involved with industry-related activities outside of work to keep you excited about your job.

  • Go see your boss or consult the team to see if anyone could use a hand or would like another perspective.

  • Brainstorm ideas that might bring in new business or expand business opportunities with your current clients.

Even if you aren't the boss, the success of the business means your personal success, so, if appropriate, take the extra initiative to strengthen your business's competitive advantage.

If current projects leave you un-enthused, focus on the big picture. Sure, right now you might have gotten stuck with the bottom-of-the-barrel tasks, but if you enjoy your industry, things will likely look up soon. Until then:
  • Set goals and rewards. Sometimes simply giving yourself a reason to feel a sense of accomplishment is all the motivation you need.

  • Make it fun by turning mundane tasks into games or singing while you work - so long as you're still working efficiently and not bothering your coworkers.

  • Keep your spirits up. Aggravating tasks will seem much more intolerable if you're grumbling the entire time.

It's easy to shine when exciting projects are coming your way and you've got a host of upbeat teammates to back you up. But, the real test of your workplace chutzpa will arise when the business balance is off. Stay motivated now, and you'll reap the benefits when things are looking up!


Chosen 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fans Score Big

Monday, March 28, 2011
Here at 5-hour ENERGY headquarters, we're thrilled to reveal to you our newest Featured Fans - the winners of the 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan contest, which wrapped up Wednesday, March 16.

While sifting through the submissions, we laughed, we cried - but mostly, we were impressed at how dedicated our die-hard 5-hour fans really are. It was tough, but we managed to whittle down our selections to 20 lucky winners. As a reward for these hardworking heroes, we're sending each Featured Fan winner 72 bottles of their favorite 5-hour ENERGY shot.

We'll post a full list of the new Featured Fans on the 5-hour ENERGY Website complete with photos and descriptions, but here's a taste of the entries that blew us away:
    Brad May - Kenosha, WI
    I work six days a week in a feed mill. It is extremely physical, demanding work that requires a lot of focus. After work I train in mixed martial arts. Any free time I get is spent on my family farm tending the animals and doing the chores. I was introduced to 5-hour ENERGY while hauling horses late one night. A gas station attendant recommended I try it instead of coffee. I couldn’t believe how fast and effective it was. Now I always keep a stash of 5-hour ENERGY in my truck at all times.

    Chrystal Jordan - Baltimore, MD
    I am a 30 year old married mother of two. I am also the front woman for a local band. I’ve been taking 5-hour ENERGY for years and it has helped me get through many shows when I just didn’t think I had it in me. The band and I have been collecting 5-hour ENERGY bottles so we can make something out of them. Maybe we’ll make a video so you can see the results. That’s how much I love 5-hour ENERGY!

Like these? Stay tuned for more fan stories or check out the 5-hour ENERGY Fan Zone and read the entries of our past winners. You might even get inspired to enter one of our current contests and score your own free 5-hour ENERGY stash. But, you better hurry. The "Where's Your 5-hour ENERGY Shot?" Contest closes March 31 and the stakes are high - 365 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY are on the line for the winning entry. Get the details for this contest and the 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest online.

Good luck 5-hour fans!


5-Hour ENERGY Racing Update: Wallace Clinches 11th Place

Monday, March 21, 2011
Steve Wallace claimed the best finish of the 2011 series this past Saturday in the Scotts 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway. The 5-hour ENERGY driver maneuvered his way to an 11th place finish, which boosted the ranking of the #66 car up to 13th place, just 43 points behind the NASCAR Nationwide Series leader and well within reach of the top five leader board.

Though Steve Wallace was flagged as a top contender for the 2011 Nationwide Series title, mechanical problems throughout the first few races have affected his rankings. Fortunately, the 5-hour ENERGY Racing Team is confident that their recent finish means the end of their streak of unfortunate luck.

"Our team is a lot better than our results show right now; we've just had a lot of bad luck over the first three weeks," Steve Wallace said. We're all working hard to get back to where we feel we belong and hopefully this is a step towards making that happen." The 23-year-old racecar driver said that it will only take top finishes in just a couple races for the team to get back on track within the standings. "It's a long season and there's a lot of racing left," Wallace said.

On Saturday, March 26, 5-hour ENERGY Racing will vie for another top finish in the Royal Purple 300 in Fontana. Fortunately, the #66 car boasts an excellent track record on the Auto Club Speedway. Last year, Steve Wallace clinched a 6th finish at the Fontana race.

For more information on 5-hour ENERGY Racing visit www.5hourenergy.com/racing/ or www.stevewallaceonline.com/

Do you want your own taste of 5-hour ENERGY competition? Currently, there are two opportunities for 5-hour fans to compete for a stockpile of free energy shots: the "5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt" and "Where's Your 5-hour ENERGY® Shot?" Contest. Think you've got what it takes to snag the title and the prize? Then, visit http://www.5hourenergy.com/contests.asp to get the details.


5-hour ENERGY Hits the Pro-Cycling Circuit

Friday, March 18, 2011

While the 5-hour ENERGY Racing season is well underway on the NASCAR tracks, 5-hour ENERGY is excited to announce their support of yet another racing team: Kenda/5-hour Energy® Pro Cycling.

In regards to the new sponsorship, Chad Thompson, the team’s General Manager, said "… Not only has it improved our budget and stature, sped up our plans to become a Pro-Continental team and increased events we will register for in 2011, but has given us a tremendously helpful and legal supplement to assist our racers and staff achieve our objectives (winning)."

5-hour ENERGY President Scott Henderson is also thrilled to collaborate with the pro cycling team.

“Although we are selling over one million bottles a day, we are always looking for new opportunities to reach out to new consumers…" Henderson said. "We see this as a great opportunity to help this leading team achieve even better levels of success, and as a way to connect with the active lifestyle community that enjoys watching competitive cycling.”

The pro cycling team is sporting a new name, an updated logo (pictured right) and redesigned team jerseys.

On March 25 the cycling team, officially registered as "Kenda/5-hour Energy® Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder," will kick off the 2011 season with the San Dimas Stage Race in San Dimas California. For the full 2011 USA Cycling National Racing Calendar, visit www.usacycling.org

If you're looking forward to following the Kenda/5-hour Energy® Pro Cycling throughout the season, check back here, on the 5-hour ENERGY Website and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


A One-Year Supply of 5-hour ENERGY® is Within Reach!

Friday, March 4, 2011
Let's do this, 5-hour fans! It's time to launch full tilt into another 5-hour ENERGY contest. I know - Just when you thought 5-hour ENERGY® couldn't get any cooler, we offer you yet another chance to take home a one year supply of 5-hour ENERGY shots. "Why," you ask? Because we love our fans!

The "Where is Your 5-hour ENERGY Shot?" contest has the same rules as before: Post a righteous pic of you and your 5-hour ENERGY shot anywhere on, above or below the surface of the planet and post it online. We love it when you get inventive, so don't be afraid to slam a shot of 5-hour ENERGY to get those creative juices flowing.

Take a cue from our last Grand Prize Winner, Matt Bellner. This 5-hour fan beat out all the other contest submissions by posting a photo of himself (and his cat) beside the Christmas tree he crafted entirely out of empty 5-hour ENERGY bottles. Of course, in true 5-hour fan fashion, he did a bit of over-achieving and created a video documenting the entire process. You don't need to post a video, but to bag the loot, you do need to submit a photo that outshines the rest.

After you've taken the winning photo, enter the "Where is Your 5-hour ENERGY Shot?" contest by submitting your snapshot via one of three methods:

  • Tweet your photo @5HourEnergyGuy: If you have a Twitter account it's easy to tweet photos using tools like Twitpic and yfrog. Just remember to tag your tweet with #wheres5hour so your photo is considered in the judging.

  • Post a pic to our Facebook Fan Page: First make sure you're a fan by "liking" 5-Hour Energy. Then, on our Facebook Wall, upload or take a photo. Make sure to include a description for your photo that includes the phrase "Here is My 5-Hour Energy Shot." Click "Share" and you've been entered!

  • Upload your entry to the 5-Hour Energy Website: Visit the 5-Hour Energy Fan Photos section of the site and fill in your info and a caption, which should include "Here is My 5-Hour Energy Shot." Attach your photo and you're good to go.

The "Where is Your 5-hour ENERGY Shot?" contest only runs until March 31, so get your entry in now. 5-Hour Energy representatives will consider each submission, but only the top three entries will be given a prize:
  • Grand prize: 1 year supply (365 bottles) of 5-Hour Energy

  • Second Prize: 6 month supply (180 bottles) of 5-Hour Energy

  • Third Prize: 3 month supply (90 bottles) of 5-Hour Energy

Don't forget: 5-hour ENERGY is currently running two other contests. Triple your chances of scoring some free 5-hour ENERGY shots by entering all three. Visit the 5-hour ENERGY Fan Zone online and check out these contests:
  • 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan Contest: Tell us in 1000 words or less why you are one of 5-hour ENERGY's biggest fans and you could snag 72 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY.

  • 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest: Explore the 5-hour ENERGY Website and find all 15 of the 5-hour ENERGY® Racing tokens. Each token has a corresponding code number and code word. One random entrant will be chosen to win a one-year supply of 5-hour ENERGY.

Well, what are you waiting for? There's 5-hour ENERGY on the line! Start submitting now or visit the 5-hour ENERGY Fan Zone for more details.