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Skip the Gym and Take Your Workout Outside

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Spring is in the air, which means now is the perfect time to put some spring into your step. Break out of your tired winter gym routine and grab your outdoor gear for a workout that will pique your interest, push you farther, and appeal to the social outdoorsman in you.

Increase Your Intensity: Treadmills are a worthwhile alternative when winter rears its ugly head - especially if sidewalks are icy or temperatures are dangerously low. However, treadmill training isn't a perfect substitute. When you're running outside, weather and terrain variables keep your body guessing:

  • The wind provides extra resistance.

  • Hills challenge your leg muscles

  • Varying terrains improve your balance and make you more self-aware of your running style.

  • Unlike the belt on the treadmill, the ground cannot keep your feet moving - Your body and mind are forced to do all the work, including setting the pace.

By working outdoors whenever possible, you'll likely be working harder and for longer stretches of time.

Train for a Race: Because indoor workouts can very quite dramatically from those performed outdoors, the springtime is the perfect opportunity to start training for a race. According to a New York Times article on winter training, "you really cannot get the same training effect with indoor substitutes. That’s not to say that indoor training is useless, but rather that it has real limitations, with differences that sometimes are subtle, but significant." So, skip the treadmill and head outside to adequately prepare for your next race.

Start or Join a Fitness Group: Exercising in groups can keep you from getting bored during your workouts and boost your motivation. Unfortunately, getting a group together for a workout inside a gym is nearly impossible unless you have access to indoor courts or areas. So, throughout spring and summer, don't continue your solo workout trend - take your exercise outside and make your workout time double as social time.

Refuse to be Bored: The spring thaw is synonymous with new life. Apply the same principal to your workout by switching your exercise routine up. Not only will you feel rejuvenated by the novelty of varied activities, but you'll make more progress toward your fitness goal. According to an Active.com article, "A fitness plateau occurs when your body adapts to the 'work' of your workout and as a result the gains you once received begin to slow and level off." Conquer your fitness plateau by enjoying the activities that were previously off-limits as a result of low temps and inclement weather.

Join an outdoor Sports League: For the spring and summer, incorporate a sports league into your fitness routine. Sports activities will train different muscles than stationary machines and can be less monotonous than traditional workouts. Plus, who doesn't like a friendly rivalry between softball teams?

Use Cabin Fever to Your Advantage: For the summer lovers who suffer from the winter blues, the spring thaw is the perfect time to take advantage of the extra motivation to stay outdoors. Instead of soaking up the springtime bliss by hooking up the porch swing, get moving! Take a long walk, coordinate an active family outing, or spruce up your yard for the summer. These may not seem like very vigorous activities, but even light gardening burns about 330 calories per hour.

What are you waiting for? Catch some spring fever and get moving!


5-hour ENERGY® is Heading Back on the NASCAR Track

Thursday, February 17, 2011
On February 20, after a near three month long NASCAR racing drought, the Daytona 500 will kick off the 2011 NASCAR season. In this opening race, 5-hour ENERGY® Racing's Steve Wallace will make his Sprint Cup Series debut while manning the #77 Toyota Camry.

"Starting my first Daytona 500 is definitely going to be the most exciting day of my career - make that my life - so far," Steve Wallace said. It's something that every kid wanting to be a racer-including me-dreams of doing one day. It's the some of the best drivers in the world competing in the biggest race in the world."
The 5-hour ENERGY team is confident that 5-hour fans can muster the same kind of enthusiasm for the upcoming Daytona 500 and subsequent Nationwide series races. In fact, tons of fans are already gearing up for the season by participating in the 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt, which opened the first of February. Don't worry - if you're a little slow on the uptake, you have until Friday, Nov. 18 to find all the online Racing Codes and submit them for a chance to take home a one-year supply of 5-hour ENERGY. Get more information online on the 5-hour ENERGY Racing page.

Based on his performance in the past couple years, we expect the Steve Wallace and the #66 5-hour ENERGY car to bust through barriers and take 5-hour ENERGY Racing farther than ever. In the past two years, Steve Wallace has rounded out the year among the top ten racers in the Nationwide Series. In the past three years, Steve Wallace earned four top five finishes and 29 top 10 finishes. Since 2007, the #66 driver has improved his average finish from 27th place to 17th place. If these benchmarks of success are any indicators of the upcoming 2011 NASCAR success, we should be seeing substantial gains in Steve Wallace's top finishes.

If you can't wait to get in on the racing action, visit 5-hour ENERGY Racing online for the latest racing news and information, 2011 schedule, racing photo gallery and of course, 5-hour ENERGY Racing contests. Who knows, you might even find a Racing Scavenger Hunt Code on this page somewhere!


Let's Do This: Jumpstart Your Morning With 5-hour ENERGY® Shots

Friday, February 11, 2011
There's a time and place for everything. Take coffee, for example. Sometimes it's nice to sit down with a steaming cup o' Joe and peruse the morning newspaper headlines or simply stare out the window of your favorite coffee shop. But, let's face it … most of the time, you barely have time to jam a piece of dry toast in your mouth before embarking on your dreaded morning commute. Or, you start out your daily routine with a morning workout, in which case, a hot cup of coffee is that last thing you want to drink before hopping on the treadmill.

Enter: 5-hour ENERGY®. Instead of painstakingly preparing a pot of coffee when you're already late, grab a 5-hour ENERGY shot. You can down it on the spot or stuff it in your bag for a mid-commute pick-me up. You still get the energized feeling you crave, but you don't have to spend all the time or go through all the effort to get it.

The same holds true for morning workouts. For the not-so-early birds who still want to get their exercise in early, it can be tough to muster the energy to get your a.m. move on. But, take a 5-hour ENERGY right away when you wake up, and you'll feel ready to conquer a workout before you even reach for your running shoes. Plus, you won't have an entire cup of coffee sloshing in your stomach while you're working out.

We get it - mornings can be rough - especially if they're as jam-packed as yours are. Fortunately, 5-hour ENERGY serves as a simple solution for impressive results. So, give your coffee pot a break and opt for a shot of 5-hour ENERGY. Before you know it, you'll feel refreshed and prepared to take on the day.

You ready? Let's do this!

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Spotted: Another 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
5-hour fans, we want to know: What would you do for a full year's supply of 5-hour ENERGY®? Now, before you begin concocting a crazy stunt in hopes of earning yourself 365 bottles of your favorite 5-hour ENERGY shots, consider our newest contest:

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, we are launching another 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest. We want to give even more 5-hour ENERGY Fans a chance to win. We just couldn't help ourselves!

The rules are simple: Search online and find the race car tokens that our 5-hour ENERGY Racing Crew has hidden throughout the 5-hour ENERGY Website and on our other sites like our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter profile, and right here on the Energy Shot Blog. Each of the 15 tokens lists a code word and code number. Keep track of these - you'll need them to fill out the contest entry form. After you find all of the tokens and complete the form, you'll be automatically entered to win a one-year supply of 5-hour ENERGY shots in addition to other great prizes.

To keep it fair, we think our 5-hour Fans should exhibit the same kind of determination as the 5-hour ENERGY racecar driver Steve Wallace does, which means locating all the tokens won't be a drive in the park. However, we figure the #66 driver has a pit crew to help out, so our 5-hour ENERGY fans deserve one too. Tweet @5HourEnergyGuy on Twitter and he'll give you the clues you need to pinpoint the tokens you're having trouble finding. You have until Monday, Nov. 14 to submit your entry.

You can multiply your chances to score some free 5-hour ENERGY by submitted your entry to more than one 5-hour ENERGY contest. Right now, the 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan Contest is in full swing. Submit an action shot and a short description (up to 1,000 characters) telling us why you love 5-hour Energy shots and the reasons why you should be named a Featured Fan brand ambassador. We'll pick the winners and dole out 72 shots of 5-hour ENERGY to each of the finalists.
Good luck 5-hour fans!

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