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A Good Night's Sleep Means an Energized, Productive Day

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
You look at the bright red LED display of your bedside alarm clock: it's 2:30 a.m. and you're still awake. Your desperation to doze leads you to turn on your side, fluff a couple pillows and force a yawn. After counting a couple hundred sheep you turn to your clock once more: it's 3:12 a.m. You're supposed to be focused and full of energy for your morning meeting, but you can't get to sleep — so you stare.

It's 5:03 a.m. when you finally fall asleep — just long enough to be jolted awake by your alarm exactly 27 minutes later.

If this scenario plays out nightly, the effects can be debilitating when attempting even nominal tasks. According to WebMD, reducing your sack time by just 90 minutes can cut your daytime alertness by nearly a third. Other short term effects include:
  • Impaired memory and cogitative ability

  • Irritability

  • Lack of energy and motivation, which leads to poor quality of life

  • Injury from automobile or occupational accidents

So, to stay productive and focused during the day, lock in enough personal pillow time at night.

You may already be practicing routine methods for a quality snooze such as adjusting your bedroom's temperature, blacking-out the windows and avoiding caffeine late in the day. However, there are a few lesser-known strategies that are just as effective — maybe even more so — at helping you get some much needed rest:

  • Develop a sleep ritual: Rather than quickly brushing your teeth and hopping into bed, take your time and ease your way into a sleepy state. Studies show that developing a step-by-step ritual before bed can aid insomniacs by moderating their anxieties. Following a bedtime routine will help you mentally prepare for your evening's rest rather than attempting to force your body to relax.

  • Take a shower: About 45 minutes before climbing under your covers, hop in a hot bath or steamy shower to raise your core temperature, then allow your body to cool off. A study by Cornell University Medical College reveals that this sudden drop your body temp can help you snooze faster and reach deeper levels of sleep.

  • Have sex: According to Dr. Laura Berman, Director of The Berman Center for Women's Sexual Health, intimacy can help you sleep. Sexual activity releases endorphins and relieves stress thereby ending the cycle of sleeplessness. "…Couples who kiss regularly and spontaneously not only have higher levels of general intimacy, but also have decreased levels of stress and depression." Berman said. "So instead of taking those sleeping aids, sleeping aids and buying that $1,000 mattress, try just kissing your partner more and cuddling them more."

  • Wear socks to bed: Researchers found that when blood vessels in your feet and hands expand, your body becomes sleepy. When you increase the temperature of your extremities, your blood vessels will dilate and you'll drift off to dreamland. For the sake of everyone involved, remember to put on the socks only after practicing any of the above guidelines.

  • Don't Count Sheep: In a sleep study conducted by Oxford University, scientist found that subjects who were instructed to count sheep as a means of falling asleep, took longer to doze than those given no instructions at all. Instead of playing shepherd, picture relaxing scenes. Participants of the study who did this fell asleep an average of 20 minutes faster.

  • Still not sleeping? Get out of bed: Reserve your bedroom for sleep and sex only. Don't train your brain to associate getting into bed with watching television or going over tomorrow's reports. Even if you intend to go to sleep and just can't find Mr. Sandman, force yourself to crawl out of bed and relax somewhere else until you can be sure you'll fall asleep within 10-15 minutes.

While a few restless nights might mean a loss of productivity for the week, remember that prolonged sleep deprivation due to untreated sleep disorders can result in serious long-term side effects including heart failure, stroke, obesity and psychiatric issues. If you're experiencing extended bouts of insomnia, seek help from your doctor.


We're at it Again: 5-Hour Energy Calls for More Featured Fans

Friday, January 14, 2011

You ought to know already that the 5-Hour Energy Team loves its fans - but we're about to prove it to you yet again by launching another 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan contest. Over the summer, we spotlighted 20 5-Hour Energy shot fans, which brings our total tally to almost 60 energy aficionados. You can check out the past Featured Fan winners by visiting the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone online.

Just like before, we'll be giving away 72 bottles to each 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan contestant whom we think use the energy shots to their full potential. We're looking for individuals whose daily tasks and weekend adventures require high-energy attitudes and physical or mental stamina. We, of course, love the typical energetic activities like extreme sports and tough workouts. But, we certainly recognize that it's also the hard-working moms, college students, police officers, night shift workers, business owners, soldiers and others that keep our country running in hyper-drive. The 5-Hour Energy team feels it's their duty to put these hard-working heroes in the limelight by giving them the opportunity to act as brand ambassadors for their favorite energy shot. Think you've got what it takes?

The 5-Hour Energy team challenges you to submit a shot of you in action doing … well, whatever it is you do. As long as your chosen activity requires energy and focus, you'll be in the running. Make sure you include a short description (up to 1,000 characters) telling us why you love 5-Hour Energy shots and the reasons why you should be named a Featured Fan brand ambassador. The winners will score 72 shots of free 5-Hour Energy and a spot on the 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan wall of fame.

Take a cue from one of our past Featured Fans, Eric Armusik of Hamburg, PA. Along with his photo, he wrote:
    "I’m a traditional painter. Sometimes I operate on extremely tight schedules with little to no sleep ... I used coffee for a while, but got to the point where it didn’t help much. A Facebook friend recommended 5-Hour Energy and I immediately went out and bought some ... Today I’m a regular user of 5-Hour Energy and feel it is partly responsible for my success as an award winning painter."

Remember that the 5-Hour Energy Team along with our biggest fans will be voting on the winners, so the more original and creative your posts and photos, the more likely you are to get chosen as a Featured Fan and bag the big prizes. So, get some ideas from past winners like Eric, but resist the urge to submit tired dialogues or less-than-titillating photos.

Grab a shot of 5-Hour Energy and start brainstorming! You only have until Wednesday, March 16 to submit your entry. Good luck!

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Get Your 5-Hour Energy®, Then Jam Out With Energizing Tunes on Pandora

Monday, January 10, 2011
From time to time, you need some relaxing tunes to wind down after a busy day … but other times you need to be alert and energized. Whether you're at home, work or somewhere in between 5-Hour Energy® has the hook up for high-energy tunes that will serve as the motivating soundtrack for any activity. So, visit 5-Hour Energy's new" Get Up and Go Radio" Station on PANDORA® and listen freely morning, noon or night to selections including:
  • Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas

  • T.N.T by AC/DC

  • Forget You by Cee-Lo

  • 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero

  • Vertigo by U2

Click on this link to listen to "Get Up and Go Radio" on PANDORA®. Can't get enough of the energizing songs? Then make sure to share it with your friends while it lasts because "Get Up and Go Radio" on PANDORA® will only be available until Friday, Feb. 11.

PANDORA® Internet Radio, powered by the Music Genome Project®, took root in 2000 after a group of "musicians and music loving technologists" collaborated to listen to and categorize tens of thousands of artists and songs. Today, PANDORA® employs more than 700,000 tracks from its music library to provide upwards of 48 million users with custom, streaming internet music.

Thank you to all the 5-Hour Fans who submitted suggestions for our PANDORA® radio station name via Facebook and Twitter. We couldn't have given the our new station the perfect title without your help!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click on the link, open your ears and prepare your senses for an onslaught of energizing tunes from 5-Hour Energy's "Get Up and Go Radio" Station on PANDORA®.

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'Where's Your 5-Hour Energy Shot?' Right Here!

Friday, January 7, 2011
We had several compelling submissions for the "Where's your 5-Hour Energy Shot?" contest that we recently wrapped up. However, one contest entry shone brighter than all the rest - literally.

The Grand Prize Winner, Matt Bellner submitted a photo via the 5-Hour Energy Website of a fully lit Christmas tree constructed entirely of empty bottles of 5-Hour Energy. In response, the 5-Hour Energy Guy made Matt's holiday season a little brighter by awarding this over-achiever with 365 bottles of 5-Hour Energy - a big enough stockpile to last an entire year. We can't wait to see what he does with all of these empty bottles come next December!

Want to know how Matt did it? Well, fortunately for you, he documented the entire process and produced a short video using the footage. Check it out!

The second and third place winners of the "Where's your 5-Hour Energy Shot" contest also took home prizes. Chris Burns earned himself a six-month supply (180 bottles) of 5-Hour Energy shots by crafting and wearing a 5-Hour Energy shot costume. How did he pull this off? Chris tells us here:

    "I sent the image to a printing company to blow up. Then I went to a fabric store and bought red felt, three wooden rings and poster board. I wrapped the felt around the wooden rings, cut the poster board to fit at the top, cut a hole in that for my head and holes in the felt for my arms, and glued on the front image and back image (nutrition facts). I also carried around about fifteen 5-Hour Energy [shots] to hand out."

Our third prize winner, Buzz Berry, is the host of a local game show and says he relies on 5-Hour Energy shots to stay energized and focused. It's a good thing we sent him 90 more bottles of 5-Hour Energy for his winning photo. As a caption to his submission, Buzz wrote:

"Yes, my name really is Buzz...and every bottle you see in the photo has been consumed by me. I host the television game show SQRAMBLED SCUARES and 5-Hour Energy keeps me sharp. I consider myself a "FHA"... Five Hour Ambassador. I spread the word about 5-Hour ... B Vitamins, no sugar, low calorie, low caffeine. Thank you for a great product!"

Are you itching to be named the winner of one of our 5-Hour Energy Shot contests and score some bonus 5-Hour Energy? Well, keep an eye on:

As soon as we launch a new 5-Hour Energy contest, we'll post the details. Until then, get inside information and interact with us on any one of the online platforms listed above.