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The battle of good versus evil: balancing eustress and distress

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Feeling stressed out? That's great! Well, at least it can be.

The fact is that stress is not always a negative thing. Positive stress, or eustress, can help you stay motivated while improving your performance.

Sure, eustressors like landing a new job, moving or getting married will most likely leave you with the "I have a rock in the pit of my gut" feeling of anxiety (which shouldn't be confused with the "I wish I hadn't eaten that week-old pizza this morning" feeling). However, this fear of the impending unknown outcome is just the result of your body reverting to battle mode — think "fight or flight" response. As soon as the event passes, the anxiety will fade and in the end, you'll be better for it.

So, when good stress comes your way, fight the compulsion to freak out and instead, use it to your advantage. Say you have a big game coming up — use your nerves for the power of good. The chemical changes you're experiencing will get your blood pumping, which means you'll jump higher, run faster and endure longer. *Note: this generally does not apply if your upcoming "big game" involves a fantasy league of some sort, but nice try.

But, while eustress invigorates, bad stress, or distress can be debilitating. Negative stressors such as losing your job, being seriously injured or grieving a death can leave you hopeless if they're not dealt with correctly. You may not see them coming, but taking control before the situation further spirals out of control can save you from the long-term physical and emotional effects that distress can cause.

The first step is to take control — but that's easier said than done. Just remember that it's a cop-out to deal with distress using unproductive coping strategies. Implementing diversion techniques such as smoking, drinking or withdrawing from your social circle in favor of a marathon of cliché sitcoms is only going to compound the problem. So, quit double-fisting the rum and remote and listen up:

  • Just say no. If you're already stressed to the max, don't add more to your plate.
  • Do something … anything. If you're dealing with a stressor, like job loss, that you can improve by taking action (applying for new jobs), stop wallowing and get going.
  • Adjust. Try looking at the problem from an alternative perspective by focusing on the positives. Again, it's easier said than done, but step back and you might find you're blowing the situation out of proportion.
  • Accept it. If you're dealing with something you can no longer change, such as a divorce, work to move on rather than dwelling.
  • Take care of you. Make sure you're eating right, sleeping well, exercising and, of course, avoiding the alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Relax. Doing something you enjoy will make you feel less overwhelmed. Think Yoga, preferably with some funny-looking stretchy pants — which leads me to the final tip...
  • Laugh. The physical act of laughing can help your body fight the mal-effects of negative stress. So, I guess a couple cliché sitcoms wouldn't hurt — as long as you actually get a laugh out of them.

Overall, the key is balance. Achieve the right amount of eustress to keep you fresh and on your toes, while learning to effectively cope with the distress that might blindside you along the way.


5-Hour Energy Racing Gears Up to Break Records

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Despite an unlucky finish for 5-Hour Energy Racing at the Food City 250 last Friday in Bristol, Steve Wallace is still on track to top his 2009 season standings.

Wallace began his career with Rusty Wallace Racing in 2005, garnering a mere 118 points to earn an overall rank of 105. However, the youngest son of NASCAR legend and team namesake, Rusty Wallace, quickly climbed the ranks to clinch the seventh position on the leader board in 2009.

Throughout the 2010 season, the 5-Hour Energy car continues to break personal records. Prior to the most recent races at Michigan and Bristol, in which Wallace placed 18th and 30th respectively, Wallace was near the front of the pack. In the Nationwide Series, he boasted an average finish of 7.5 and spent the majority of each race among the top 15 cars.

This August, Wallace captured his fourth-consecutive top 10 finish at the Zippo 200, marking his 11th top 10 of 2010, which already marks a career high. The 66 car also placed 15th or better in 10 straight races.

Currently, even following his last two difficult races, Wallace ranks eighth overall in NASCAR standings, but is in hot pursuit of a top five series finish.

Though 5-Hour Energy Racing might be experiencing a rough patch on the road to clinching personal bests, 11 races still remain in the series. This weekend, Wallace is eager to improve his lagging record and continue his ascent to the top at this weekend's NAPA Auto Parts 200 presented by Dodge at The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. In 2009, 5-Hour Energy racing placed 16th at the same race.

Pumped up to satisfy your own competitive thirst? Participate in one of 5-Hour Energy's own Racing Contests:

  • Correctly tell us the position Steve Wallace finished for each race and be entered to win our Weekly Race Results Contest. The winner will score a last-race-of-the-season Miami Getaway, which includes airfare, hotel and cash towards race tickets.

  • Join in the 5-Hour Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest by locating all 15 racing tokens. Enter each code number and corresponding word and you could win a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy!


5-Hour Energy Featured Fan: Officer Chris Filippelli

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's been a bit since we put up a post about our Featured Fans, and now that we have just wrapped up another round of our VIP search, we thought it was customary to go ahead and shine the spotlight on someone other than our handsome 5-Hour Energy Guy.

5-Hour Energy Featured Fan Chris Filippelli is a police officer in Florida and says that there is no time when a 5-Hour Energy doesn't suit his daily routine. Chris shared with us his "middle shift crash" that hindered him before discovering 5-Hour Energy shots.

Aside from enforcing the long arm of the law, officer Filippelli is also a competitive billiards player and finds that 5-Hour Energy helps him bear down on those tough-to-make pool shots.

Since we give all of the past Featured Fans a short interview, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have the Energy Guy interrogate this officer and check his mettle for being a 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan.

Energy Guy: Alright officer Filippelli, now it's time for you to be in the hot seat and this isn't some good-cop, bad-cop gaff. First question, how long have you been taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

Chris: I have been taking 5-hour energy Shots for about 3 and a half years and it's part of everything I do from working the beat to competing at the pool halls and working out.

Energy Guy: What made you start taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

Chris: I started taking 5-Hour Energy when I started working over night and needed to get through the end of my shift.

Energy Guy: Had you tried other energy products?

Chris: Yes of course, but there was too much sugar.

Energy Guy: When do you take 5-Hour Energy shots?

Chris: Wow!!, When don't I? I find myself taking the shots usually at 3 or 4 in the morning to help me get through my shift at work.

Energy Guy: In what ways have 5-Hour Energy shots improved your life?

Chris: 5-Hour Energy has improved my life in just about every way possible. I use your product during work, recreation and everything in between.