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5-Hour Energy Featured Fan: Steven Skrobe

Thursday, July 29, 2010
As a performer your energy stage is as important as a well-tuned guitar and booming speaker system. An energetic performance catches the audience's attention, keeps them interested and remembering that night.

In the world of heavy metal, one Featured Fan keeps his band pumped in between sets and when traveling from gig to gig with 5-Hour Energy shots. So we sent the 5-Hour Energy Guy to interview Steven Skrobe on what playing in a band is like with 5-Hour Energy backstage.

5-Hour Energy on Stage

Energy Guy: Steven, how long have you and the members of Eyes Like Cyanide been taking 5-Hour Energy shots with you on the road?

Steven: We have been enjoying the energy shots regularly since February '09.

Energy Guy: What made you start taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

Steven: Our first experience with 5 Hour was at a show in Brooklyn, NY. We were all dragging our feet and were looking for a pick-me-up, so I took a walk to the local convenience store for some assorted energy drinks.

I had both arms full of Red Bulls, Monsters, and Slaps, but I quickly realized that I was in no mood to carry all of these cans back to the venue. As I put them back in the fridge, I noticed a small display for the 5 Hours and figured why not give it a shot?

So I bought ten of them and made my way back to the venue. I promptly handed them out to my band mates. I got a few weird looks since no one had ever tried them before, but all worries were put to the side when we started to feel it kick in and give us new life.

The next day at practice, everyone showed up with their own supply of 5-Hours, and we haven't gone back to the "other guys" since.

Energy Guy: So you've clearly tried other energy products?

Steven: We have tried them all.... Espresso shots, Red Bull, Slap, All City, Nitro, Monster, Rockstar.... you name it, we've drank it :)

Energy Guy: What did you first like about 5-Hour Energy shots?

Steven: I really liked the convenient packaging, and the relatively small dose compared to other energy drinks. I often have a hard time finishing a giant can of sugar-filled juice. Plus, it is very fast acting.

Energy Guy: When do you take 5-Hour Energy shots?

Steven: We take a supply of 5 Hours with us to all of our shows. We take them about 20 minutes before our set to make sure we put out a lot of energy on stage. We also take some afterward to help us with the loading, driving, and unloading when we are finally finished. Until we get famous enough to have some roadies and drivers, we have to be the ones to take care of our logistical needs, and it's really hard to do it without an energy boost. Plus, we have all have day jobs so even though the club closes at midnight, we're not getting home until about four in the morning which makes the next day very difficult. I'm not sure what we would do without 5 Hour Energy!

Energy Guy: In what ways have 5-Hour Energy shots improved your life?

Steven: You can't put a price tag on how much your time is worth. Some days, there is just not enough time to sleep because there is just too much to be done. When I need energy and focus, I turn to 5 Hour because I know I can get whatever needs to be done accomplished.


Sneak in a Power Nap for an Extra Spark

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Maintaining a strong energy level throughout the days and weeks takes more than just pounding the caffeine and B-Vitamins, in fact, we advise against consuming more than two of our energy shots in 24 hours because your body needs much more than extra boosters.

One way to get that second wind is with the power nap. Of course very few of us actually have an opportunity to sneak away from the desk for some shut-eye. But in the event that you can (and it is company sanctioned), here are some tips to put a little more pep in your step.

First, a power nap should be between no more than 20 minutes. Any longer and you may be dragging rather than dominating.

Second, you need a quiet place. This might be the most difficult part, but seek it out. A car, office, couch, anywhere that you can relax will do. Just be sure you can be without disturbances.

After you've found the time and place, the rest is just about relaxing. Even if you don't sleep, just clearing your head can be a great booster.

Here are some additional articles that will coach you on power napping and tips:

10 Benefits of Power Napping, and How to Do It

Sleep Benefits: Power Napping for Increased Productivity, Stress Relief & Health

WikiHow: How to Power Nap

Getting the right amount of rest is essential to your overall physical and mental wellness. Even if your goals and aspirations have you feeling like you need to keep it at the redline day in and day out, not taking the time for some R&R will hurt your performance more than if you didn't have that energy drink.


5-Hour Energy Summer Contest Overload

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Since when did summer become so overwhelming? Isn't it supposed to be about relaxing by the pool, getting out of the office and into nature, naps in a hammock and evening cookouts?

For most of you it's anything but these luxuries. You're working double-shifts on your summer break from classes, juggling the kids' t-ball, soccer and day camp schedules, or filling up the weekends for weddings and family reunions.

We, of course, have a solution to keep you alert and focused for all of these tasks and occasions, but we also want to help carry the load with remembering what's to come, what's already on your schedule, and give you something to decompress and have some fun.

To that end this is a friendly reminder of those 5-Hour Energy contests (link) that will stock your closet full of our shots and send you on VIP vacations.

Coming to an end on Monday July 19 is our search for the next 5-Hour Energy A-Squad in the Featured Fan Contest. To enter and become a fresh face of 5-Hour Energy, we want you to showcase who you are and how 5-Hour Energy shots improve your life. All we need is a photo of you in action along with your story of 400 words or less telling how 5-Hour Energy shots have played a role in your life.

Another easy contest is that time is ticking away on is the 5-Hour Energy Racing Scavenger Hunt. This couldn't be easier to complete, just page through the 5-Hour Energy website and social media platforms to find the racing tokens and codes. When you find one, write it down and then enter all of the codes on the contest entry form. If at any point you need a hint, tweet the 5-Hour Energy Guy for a clue. This contest will wrap up on November 20, but being early never hurts. Plus, it's a great way to get your mind off from that stressful summer day.

If you're the artsy type or have experience in graphic design and want a chance to create our next 5-Hour Energy car for the NASCAR Nationwide Series, then we want to see your creations in the Design 66 Challenge. This is a challenge all its own, but the hard work will pay big. The winning design will be used on the 5-Hour Energy car in the final race of the season and the artist and a guest will be VIP for the weekend! Deadline is August 13.

The last challenge is the Weekly Race Results Contest, which will send the winner and guest on a VIP weekend to the final race of the season as well, but it's not nearly as difficult as the above contests. All you need to do is enter the finishing position of the no. 66 5-Hour Energy car for each race of the season. How hard can that be? Those with all of the correct answers will be placed into a drawing and one of you reading this will be flying to Miami! Your deadline for an all-expenses paid, high-octane weekend in sunny South Florida is October 30.