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The Avery Graphics Design 66 Challenge

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
5-Hour Energy Racing driver Steve Wallace wants his fans to design a custom 5-Hour Energy race car for the last race of the season. So to make it interesting, and of course competitive, Avery Graphics has created the Design 66 Challenge to see which NASCAR fans have the best creative talent.

To enter the contest head over to the Supercast My Ride contest page. Here you'll find everything you need from contest rules to the design template and tips to creating the next 5-Hour Energy Camry.

Since this isn't your typical paint-by-numbers or coloring contest, these complex designs are going to be rewarded with big prizes:

  • The top design will be used on Steve's car in the final race of the season at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The car's designer will win a round trip airfare and accommodations for two people for two nights, plus race entry and VIP pit passes to November 20th race.
  • The second place design will win a Rusty Wallace Racing helmet autographed by NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace, 5-Hour Energy driver Steve Wallace and his teammate Brendan Gaughan, as well as a Visa Gift card for $500.
  • The third place design will win a Rusty Wallace Racing autographed die cast car and a Visa Gift card for $250.
If you think your digital design skills are competitive and you've got some drops of racing fuel in your veins, this challenge is perfect for you. The contest end date is August 13, 2010 but it will pass at redline-speed before you know it. So grab a 5-Hour Energy shot and get those creative ideas on to Steve's car!


5-Hour Energy Community Service Project Winner Picked By Fans!

Monday, May 24, 2010
5-Hour Energy fans have voted and a final winner has been picked in the "What Would You Do With 5-Hour Energy® To Make a Positive Impact In Your Community?" Contest.

Congratulations to Tallahassee Sustainability Group, winners of the 5-Hour Energy community project Fertile Cement: Growing Food in the City.

Tallahassee Sustainability Group will receive 252 bottles of 5-Hour Energy shots to be split among the group members as they undertake their community service project; Fertile Cement: Growing Food in the City. The Tallahassee Sustainability Group will also receive $1,000 to be put towards the project and other charitable needs.

The "What Would You Do?" contest was the first of its kind for 5-Hour Energy in an effort to help fans give back to their communities and put their five hours of alert minds and energy to work. For this contest, ideas were submitted from college students across the country, and four finalists were picked by our team based upon the scale of the project or idea, the story behind the proposed project and the local impact the project would have.

We then turned it over to the fans to vote for their favorite charitable idea. The final project proposals were:

Working with the local Boys and Girls Club to teach young ones how to play Frisbee golf and croquet

Teaching Tallahassee residents how to grow their own food and eat healthier

Cleaning a game production area in Vermillion, SD.

A trash and recycling effort on the University of North Carolina at Wilmington campus

Even a number of hopefuls that didn't get their entry in on time have shared on our Facebook page and Tweeted us what they would like to do for their community with five hours of energy. We are pleased to see that our fans are so enthused about making a positive impact in their community and have 5-Hour Energy be a part of it.


Didn't Make the Podium for the 5-Hour Energy Racing Scavenger Hunt? We Want to Give You Another Go!

Monday, May 17, 2010
Last month fans took a good look under the hood of the 5-Hour Energy site and social media pages in search of little 5-Hour Energy race cars and codes in the 5-Hour Energy Racing Scavenger Hunt. They pay out: a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots! The 5-Hour team wants to send a huge "Congratulations!" to Matt Perley from Chicago for winning the grand prize and standing at the top of the podium.

Now because the hunt was so popular, we want to know if our racing fans want that "lucky dog" opportunity for another go at the same contest in the future. Simply because we love giving away shots to those who are willing to put in a little effort.

To keep it fair we would relocate the tokens, change the codes, and maybe even throw in some oil slicks to up the difficulty. But since the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone and Contests are fan-driven, we need your input.

You still have the Weekly Race Results Contest that will send a fan and one guest to Miami for a weekend and to the final race of the season all on our tab! The entries so far have been good, but not great. You can still be extremely competitive by entering now and showing that NASCAR endurance. The opportunity for an all-expense paid trip seems pretty hard to pass up when it's this easy to win.

So give us your feedback in the comments below. We promise there are new contests to come that will get the adrenaline pumping, but the participation was so huge for the last Scavenger Hunt that we think there should be more fans rewarded with a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots just for finding a few hidden race cars.

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What Time of Day Do You Prefer to Workout?

Monday, May 10, 2010
Yes, another post about working out. But this time we aren't throwing in a fitness challenge or suggesting that you sneak away from your desk for some meditation. This time we went to the 5-Hour Energy fans to address the best time to workout.

Regardless of skill level, if you are out there being active, we consider you an athlete, and as an athlete you want to assure that you'll get the maximum impact from a workout. Athletes have a set regimen and are willing to invest hours to press the plates and pull the chords to achieve their fitness objectives. But when is it best to invest that time?

We recently asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers when they like to get a workout in.

So, are 5-Hour Energy fans early birds or night owls?

Looks like the majority of 5-Hour Energy fans prefer to trot into the gym before sunrise and work out to start their day. A healthy 1/3 get to the gym after normal business hours, and some say that it helps them de-stress and burn the day's calories not used while in the cubicle. Even so, nearly 20 percent are getting their sweat on at or around lunch time.

Although it's not a census by any means, we can see that 5-Hour Energy fans are at the gym no matter what time, and it gives a reason to always have a 5-Hour Energy shot in the gym bag for those early morning routines, for a push through the midday sweat session, or to get energized after the hours in the office.


Vote Now for Your Favorite 5-Hour Energy Community Service Idea

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
5-Hour Energy has chosen the finalists for its "What Would You Do With 5-Hour Energy® To Make a Positive Impact In Your Community?" contest. Now it's time for the fans to vote for their favorite idea.

Ideas were submitted from college students across the country, and the top four have made it to the final step in hopes to win $1,000 and 252 5-Hour Energy shots to help them make a positive impact on their community and implement their ideas.

The following finalists have been chosen by the 5-Hour Energy team based upon the scale of the project or idea, the story submitted to the team telling why the finalist's chosen organization is important to them, and the impact the proposed project will have.

Now one of the following finalists will be crowned a winner, and it's up to the fans to pick them!

Finalist #1: Work with the local Boys and Girls Club to teach young ones how to play Frisbee golf and croquet

Finalist #2: Join with the Tallahassee Sustainability Group to teach residents how to grow their own food and eat healthier while saving money

Finalist #3: Team up with the NAACP at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for a garbage pickup and recycling effort around campus and surrounding community

Finalist #4: A fraternity effort to clean up a game production area in Vermillion, SD

Voting will be open until May 14th, and the winner announced the week of May 17th.

Even if you're not a finalist, we want to here your ideas for helping your community. Share them with others on the 5-Hour Energy Facebook page or tweet them to the 5-Hour Energy Guy.


Bad Luck Was Back for 5-Hour Energy Racing at Richmond

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Just two weeks ago things were looking up for the No. 66 team when 5-Hour Energy Racing Shook the Bad Luck for a Top-Ten in Texas, but a visit to Virginia would prove otherwise when driver Steve Wallace couldn't convince Lady Luck to help him out in Friday night’s 250-lap NASCAR Nationwide Series event at Richmond International Raceway.

After starting from the 19th position, the 5-Hour Energy Racing pilot went on the attack, flying into the top-ten around lap 65. While posting some of the fastest laps out of anybody and holding off Cup Series stars Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle, Wallace and his rocket 5-Hour Energy Camry moved aggressively into the eighth position, ready to take on the leaders.

Unfortunately, it was during the race's first caution that the No. 66 team’s bad luck streak again reared its ugly head. After a prompt pit stop in which Wallace climbed yet another position towards the leaders, NASCAR officials slammed the team with a penalty for an uncontrolled left rear tire.

Armed with video from the team’s overhead camera, Crew Chief Scott McDougall argued the penalty to officials, but to no avail. This then put Wallace all the way to the rear of the field for the restart.

As luck would have it, on lap 113 the left rear tire on the 5-Hour Energy car blew, sending it into a spin. The young driver was able to keep the car off the retaining walls, but barely missed getting his wounded car moving before the leaders reached him and Wallace would go a lap down and diminish he hopes of that top-5 finish.

Wallace would bring the 5-Hour Energy car a disappointing 17th-place finish, but kept the team in the 14th-place ranking in the Nationwide Series driver standings heading to the legendary Darlington Raceway next weekend.