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Big Contest, Even Bigger Rewards

Thursday, October 29, 2009
After months of online competition, the 5-Hour Energy team is happy to announce the winners of the 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash and 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt contests.

The 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash Flash game put contestants in control of the 5-Hour Energy Guy as he sprinted to the finish line. It seemed easy enough at first, but players soon found out that grabbing a 5-Hour Energy shot for that extra boost and avoiding the sugary alternatives would be the key to record times. It came down to mere tenths of a second that separated the top three finishers with fastest fingers in the nation.

Congratulations to 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash winners!
  • First Place – Mahrlo Amposta of San Diego, CA
  • Second Place – Bryant Nguyen of El Cajon, CA
  • Third Place – Matt Olsen of San Diego, CA

The 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt sent fans on a search for special 5-Hour tokens across the Fan Zone, MySpace profile and Twitter page. When a token was spotted the contestant put the code in the contest form and then submitted their findings to the 5-Hour team. Winners were picked at random from the list of hundreds who found all of the 5-Hour Energy tokens and codes.

Congratulations to the 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt winners!
  • First Place – Mark Adams of North Wilkesboro, NC
  • Second Place – Eowyn Grecco of Young Harris, GA
  • Third Place – Tom Bealer of Levittown, PA

Prizes are always important for a contest and the winners above all got a 5-Hour Energy t-shirt and hat. But better yet, third place winners get a week’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots, second place contestants are taking home a one-month’s supply of shots, and the crowned champions in first place will have a 5-Hour Energy shot for every single day on the calendar with a one-year supply!

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Class is in Session: 5-Hour Energy “101” College Commercial Contest

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The team at 5-Hour Energy is now accepting enrollment applications into the newest creative-thinking and hands-on collegiate experience, the 5-Hour Energy “101” College Commercial Contest.

Enrollment into the contest is open to anyone who is at least 18 years-old and is ready to create a an intriguing and imaginative 30-second television spot that communicates 5-Hour Energy core messages and expands consumer awareness of the leading energy shot.

A main focus of the 5-Hour Energy commercial contest is importance of teamwork and pulling together the many experiences and knowledge of the creative collective to create the commercial. The contest may be part of a class project or done by student groups. Entries must be submitted by individuals, classes or groups, and individuals may only be part of one group. The contest’s Creative Brief outlines this in greater detail.

Your team needs to register by Feb. 5, 2010 and entries have to be received no later than Feb. 26, 2010. Finalists will be chosen by March 31. Then fans will have the chance to vote the overall winner.

The first place winners, as judged by the 5-Hour Energy team, its partners and online voters, will receive $5,555.00, 555 bottles of 5-Hour Energy shots and the possibility to have their commercial used as a real television advertisement. 5-Hour Energy will also donate $5,555 to the contest winner’s college/university along with product samples on campus. The second and third place winners will both receive 555 bottles of 5-Hour Energy. Check out the How to Win for more details on contest prizes and winners.

For more information on this collegiate opportunity review the official contest rules and FAQs, also be sure to follow the 5-Hour Energy Guy on Twitter for contest tips and updates.


Curtain Falls on 5-Hour Energy’s Biggest Contest

Friday, October 16, 2009
The 5-Hour Energy squad has capped one of its biggest contests and giveaway promotions to date. The competition invited readers of Maxim and Men’s Fitness magazines and 5-Hour Energy fans to compete against one another in a variety of online contests that set personal challenges to MAXIMize Your Energy and Release Your Inner Superman.

In both challenges contenders competed in the 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash and Scavenger Hunt for prizes, which included a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots and 5-Hour Energy gear that will given to the top-three finishers.

What most of the rivals are waiting for is the crowning of the true 5-Hour Energy Man who will be our newest Featured Fan. The search for that one who embodies everything that our fans love at 5-Hour Energy was beyond fulfilled with hopeful’s submissions showcasing what makes them the perfect candidate to be added to our A-List and take home one-year supply of their favorite energy booster and swag.

The stack of submissions for the Featured Fan contest is impressive and the lists of competitors in the 100m Dash and Scavenger Hunt are not short by any means. The 5-Hour Energy team is working overtime to pick the one who shall be crowned and finding the top finishers. The contest winners will be announced soon right here on the Blog and by the 5HourEnergyGuy on Twitter.


Blog Action Day & 5-Hour Energy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5-Hour Energy is proud to be participating in this year's Blog Action Day. The focus of the 2009 blogging event is Climate Change. Here at 5-Hour Energy, we all understand the need to sustain and improve the environment for future generations. We've put together a list of great ways you can make this world a better place too. So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, and get working!

  • Look into the energy efficient settings on your home appliances. Wash your clothes in cool water. Keep the heated dry function turned off on your dishwasher. Need new appliances? Look into the most energy efficient products out there.
  • Switch to tap water. Invest in a reusable bottle and never pay for water again! Worried about the water quality? Check out a filtration system to purify the water and keep your new water bottle full!
  • Get a reusable shopping bag. Paper or Plastic? How about neither! Invest in a reusable shopping bag, and you'll cut back on a ton of waste every year!
  • Check your thermostat. Keeping your space cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer by just a few degrees will help your energy bills and the environment.
  • Skip the gym, and get outside! Treadmills, elliptical and other gym equipment uses electricity, take a day to play instead, go for a run outside, organize a game of basketball, or just take a hike and explore your area!
  • Unplug appliances when you're not using them. Vampires may be hot right now, but wasting vampire energy is not.
  • Install a showerhead that puts out a lower flow of water. It's a cheap fix that will save you money in the long run on your water and power bills.
  • Turn off your computers at night. You're not using it, why waste the energy?
  • Go through your closet. Find clothes you just don't wear anymore? Donate them! You'll be giving to someone in need, and cutting down on waste.
  • Buy your food as locally as possible, you'll be supporting your friends and neighbors, getting the freshest food possible, and you'll be cutting down on the needless waste produced by shipping foods all over.
  • Harvest that water! Look into rainwater harvesting. Catch water next time it rains so you can use it to water your plants, lawn or garden!
  • Go to the library. Check out a book you've been thinking of buying, you'll be saving money and trees!
  • Make your own cleaning supplies. Your home and the earth will thank you for not using the toxic chemicals some store bought products contain.
  • Plant a garden. You can do it in your own kitchen! Plant some spices and herbs, even some fruits and vegetables, you'll have the freshest ingredients and you'll be able to feel good about where they came from.
  • Turn off the lights. Do you really need the lights on all the time? Cutting back on your light use is really a bright idea.
  • Do the dishes. Quit using paper plates or plastic silverware to avoid doing the dishes all the time. All that paper waste isn't good for the environment.
  • Find your community's recycling centers, and go there often! Recycling is a basic step in fighting our carbon footprint.

Some of the ideas listed above were inspired by the following resources. These Web sites offer even more ways to go green.

You don’t have to drastically change your life to live a little greener. Adopting one or two green habits into your daily routine each month will have a positive impact on the environment. It's up to us to do the right thing, so what are you going to do about it?


Final Chances to Win a Year’s Supply of 5-Hour Energy Shots Approaching

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
The team at 5-Hour Energy is giving a final warning that its summer promotions are drawing to a close, but the chances to win a year’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots and other swag are abundant.

The contests are still hot and as the days count down to the Oct. 16 closing date the competition to win a year’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots is getting fierce. This time the contest is all about releasing inner 5-Hour Energy Man and competitors can start by finding out what type of 5-Hour Man they are. From the Life of the Party to the Don Juan/Casanova romantic, you can have fun using the 5-Hour Energy Man profiler to identify which type of 5-Hour Energy man fits you the best and what you can do to reach your full 5-Hour Energy Man potential.

Next, it’s on to the competition for prizes in the 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt and 100m Dash, which award up to a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots and 5-Hour swag and you can take as many tries as you’d like to lock down a lightening-fast 100m time. Chances are someone is ready to try and beat your record sprint, so check back frequently to maintain a prize-winning performance.

The most exciting part of this competition is the call for those fans who feel they can fit the bill for our brand’s iconic 5-Hour Energy Man and want to become the newest face of the popular 2 oz. energy shot, carrying the title of a 5-Hour Featured Fan. Hopefuls have until the Oct. 16 closing date to submit their story of 400 words or less and a photo exhibiting why they are one of 5-Hour Energy’s biggest fans and a true 5-Hour Energy Man. The champion, carefully chosen by the 5-Hour Energy team, will win a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots and be presented their own profile page along side other Featured Fans.

The conclusion of the 5-Hour Energy summer promotions and contests doesn’t mean the fun is over. With the launch of the brand new 5-Hour Energy store, our team is gearing up for a fall and winter season of even more energy boosting events, products launches and fan contests. Keep up-to-date with the team’s anticipated contests and events at right here on the team Blog and follow the 5-Hour Energy Guy on Twitter.


5-Hour Energy Launches New Online Store

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We are rolling out the newest and most convenient way to buy your 5-Hour Energy shots. Welcome to the new 5-Hour Energy Store, a simple place to purchase all of your favorite 5-Hour Energy shots while spending time applying to be a Featured Fan or beating the competition in the 5-Hour 100m Dash and Scavenger Hunt.

We wanted to carry forward one concept that 5-Hour Energy fans love about our shots, convenience. The 5-Hour Energy Store was developed with the simple, quick boost of a 5-Hour Energy shot in mind and we know you’ll appreciate it. Just like the portable, 2oz. shot loved by the likes of star radio personality Lou Brutus, NASCAR driver Steve Wallace and millions of others like you, the store is geared to make the 5-Hour Energy shot buying process as simple and convenient as possible.

On the shelves of the 5-Hour Energy Store visitors can find 6- and 12-packs of 5-Hour Energy Original formula in berry, orange, lemon-lime and new grape flavors, and also 5-Hour Energy Decaf and Extra Strength energy shots. The 5-Hour Energy Store is also the only place that carries the latest 5-Hour Energy gear for those of you who perform at their best after twisting the cap on the #1 selling energy shot.

So forget worrying about not having to run to the gas station for that morning 5-Hour Energy shot and utilize the convenience of buying in bulk and stocking up on your favorite shots as well as getting the newest flavors and swag not offered any where else at our new 5-Hour Energy Store.