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5-Hour Energy Featured Fan: Tony Vasquez

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
The 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan Contest was a huge success and we thought it was only appropriate to shine the spotlight on those who have become the newest members of the 5-Hour Fan Zone. So to get to know more about our Featured Fans, we let the 5-Hour Energy Guy amass some rapid-fire questions and grill these 5-Hour Energy VIPs on why they made it on the A-List.

Tony Vasquez - Newest Featured Fan
Tony Vasquez is a father of six and a third-shift production manager from Mesa, Ariz. After trying other energy drinks that didn’t make the cut, this family man cracked open a 5-Hour Energy shot and has been an advocate for the 2-oz energy booster ever since.

Energy Guy:
Congratulations on becoming a 5-Hour Energy featured fan. How long have you been taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

I've been taking them since about the beginning of September 2008, right after my first knee surgery. They help me to get up and around which helped me feel better. Being more active helped me lose weight.

Energy Guy:
What made you start taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

I had seen it all the time at the stores but said “nah.” Then I paid attention to your commercials while sitting at home and took note of how much sugar and other stuff goes into the other drinks, no crash and gave it a try.

Energy Guy:
Had you tried other energy boosting products?

Oh yeah all the time, at least one time per day, five times a week for work.

Energy Guy:
What did you first like about 5-Hour Energy shots?

Quick picker-upper and ease of consumption compared to the other drinks which gave me that full feeling after drinking them.

Energy Guy:
When do you take 5-Hour Energy shots?

I take one before work, about 30 minutes prior, and/or towards the end of my shift to keep up with the kids. Especially on the Saturday mornings we take our quads out.

Energy Guy:
In what ways have 5-Hour Energy shots improved your life?

I’m not feeling run down after work and I’m doing more things with the family.

Energy Guy:
Thanks for being a 5-Hour fan, Mr. Vasquez. Keep up the good work.

The Energy Guy


Delicate sensibilities offended, English language tortured in wake of 5-Hour Energy ad campaign

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – Reaction to 5-hour ENERGY's latest TV ad has revealed the fragile egos and atrocious lack of communication skills in some skateboarders.

"Your last commercial i saw about your product five hour energy had me appauled. Your so jugdmental in it and ill will tell everyone i know to never purchase your product including me."

The ad that has some skateboarders trying to construct sentences, for what appears to be the first time, involves two contrasting characters. On the left stands a young man dressed in jeans, hooded sweatshirt and sideways cap holding a skateboard and a can of Monster Energy drink. The other is a slightly older man dressed in business casual attire and holding a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY. The two have a short debate about the attributes of their favorite energy drink. The bit of dialog that has touched a nerve among skaters goes like this:

"5-Hour Energy does it without the sugar. You'll go from groggy to get it done."

"You mean, like work?"

"Yeah, you should try it some time. 5-Hour Energy. Hours of energy now. No sugar crash later."

"Come on, it's funny," said 5-hour ENERGY's Energy Guy. "Everyone gets teased some time. It's the basis of almost all humor. Just look at The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. They poke fun at everyone, even the President. I mean, if the President of the United States isn't above a little ribbing, neither are skateboarders." He went on to emphasize, "We portray one single skate slacker and look what happens. Are there no slackers among skateboarders? Zero? Nada? Whatever."

But some skateboarders believe the portrayal of one slacker with a skateboard is an attack on all skaters: "Thanks for making skateboarders look like [bleep] idiots to the people of america.. your depiction of skateboarders was so sterotypical and plain [bleep] stupid. To say that we are incapable of working? or saying that we dont know what the [bleep] to do if were handed the "mature" energy drink, we'd just [bleep] our pants or something cuz we just appearantly dont know anything."

According to Linda Lange, president of PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of English), the real victim in all of this is English language and grammar. According to a statement released by PETE the group is "extremely concerned" about the quality of writing in the skateboarder's complaint e-mails and that the language is being "twisted beyond recognition" by people who "are way out of their league in front of a keyboard."

"We've received about a dozen or so complaints about the ad," said the Energy Guy. "It bothers me that these people take themselves so seriously. I think skateboarding is cool. It takes a lot of talent and courage to perform well in that sport. I just wish some skateboarders weren't such whiners."

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5-Hour Energy Challenges You to MAXIMize Your Energy

Thursday, July 16, 2009
5-Hour Energy has joined Maxim Magazine in challenging readers and fans to take the next step to MAXIMizing energy and focus at the office, gym, lecture hall and every where else an extra boost is needed.

Together the Maxim and 5-Hour Energy duo will pit canned energy drinks against the 5-Hour Energy shot in the Energy Drink Showdown. The faceoff lets readers draw their own conclusions as to why 3.2 million people choose 5-Hour Energy shots every week.

The Maxim audience is of the competitive nature, and to keep with the Showdown theme readers can become contenders and battle it out in the newest 5-Hour Energy challenges and win prizes, including 5-Hour Energy swag and even a year’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots.

The first challenge is the 5-Hour 100m Dash which lets you control the 5-Hour Energy Guy as he sprints to the finish line. Seems simple enough, right? But to break the record times you’re going to need an extra boost without the sugar crash that only 5-Hour Energy shots can give you. Snatch a 5-Hour energy shot and you’ll be at full-stride, stumble on a sugary canned energy drink and you’ll lag behind the competition.

The 5-Hour Scavenger Hunt will take you through the 5-Hour Energy Web site in search of the special 5-Hour Energy Guy token and hidden codes. With the increased focus and spark of vigor from a 5-Hour Energy shot, this game will test how keen you can be. You have to look everywhere, including other places the 5-Hour Energy Guy hangs out like Twitter. Grab your entry form, add in the codes as you find them and a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots could be yours.

The 5-Hour Energy Quiz challenges you to know the difference between a canned energy drink, the 5-Hour Energy shot and a ferret. If you can answer all ten questions correctly, you can enter to win more 5-Hour Energy swag and, of course, free energy shots.

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5-Hour Energy Picks its Newest Featured Fans

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
The team at 5-Hour Energy would like to welcome the newest members of its A-List following Featured Fan Contest!

This inaugural search for the next 5-Hour Energy ambassadors beckoned fans to showcase how they use the 2 oz. energy shot to stay on top their game at the office, gym, lecture hall, book clubs, cross-country drives and anywhere else one might need an extra dose of quick energy. The contest received an overwhelming amount of submissions and the team decided to choose 10 new Featured Fans.

5-Hour Energy would like to welcome the newest Featured Fans:

Tony Vasquez – Mesa, AZ – He is a father of six and a third-shift production manager and after trying other energy drinks that didn’t make the cut, this family man cracked open a 5-Hour Energy shot and has been an advocate ever since.

Kevin Seagroves – Linden, TX – He uses 5-Hour Energy shots to battle through a 72-hour work week in a scorching steel mill and to keep his eyes open during his favorite outdoor pastime, fishing.

Danelle Mackey – Springfield, MO – As a student, this mother used 5-Hour Energy to get through the long studying sessions. Now focused on a career and her kids, she uses 5-Hour Energy shots to be a great mom and focused medical assistant.

Henry Yu – Pleasanton, CA – This soon-to-be pharmacist was an avid coffee drinker, but switched to 5-Hour Energy shots after the java was giving him more than just energy. 5-Hour Energy got him through pharmacy school and now he uses it to study for his two license exams.

Debra Moore – Cleveland, TN – She’s an over-the-road team driver who takes the wheel after the sun sets. When 3 a.m. hits, a 5-Hour Energy shot gives her the focus and boost needed to keep it between the lines and on schedule.

Crystal Romain – Manchester, NH – She works your typical 8-5 job Monday through Friday, but three nights a week this professional laces up her skates and takes on unsuspecting victims in a roller derby. 5-Hour Energy is just what she needed to keep the intensity up at her day job and in evening rumbles.

Steven Skrobe
– New York City, NY – As a heavy metal performer in NYC, this rocker throws down a 5-Hour Energy shot to keep the crowd rocking after driving to gigs and unloading equipment.

Travis Case – Roanoke, VA – He is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army and swears by 5-Hour Energy shots to get you to the finish every time without with the “crash effect” of other energy drinks he has tried. As a protector of American freedom, staying sharp and focused is a necessity and he’s always got a 5-Hour Energy shot to help him.

Chris Filippelli – Palm Beach Gardens, FL – A police officer, health nut and competitive pool player, Chris enjoys 5-Hour Energy because it gives him the ability to push past the mid-day slump and helps him stay alert and focus on the task at hand.

Teresa Collins
– Surrey, BC – As a mother of two very energetic boys and working full-time, Teresa needed some extra spark when she was feeling rundown or overwhelmed. She thanks 5-Hour Energy for helping her move from just surviving the days to fully enjoying them.

The winners join a Featured Fan team made up of a NASCAR driver, professional freeskier, outdoor photographer, marathon runner, and web designer, and they took home enough 5-Hour shots to continue doing what they do. With the overwhelming response to this first search for the 5-Hour Energy A-list, the team is sure to have another Featured Fan Contest along side smaller contests for free energy shots in the near future.

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Final Day for 5-Hour Featured Fan Contest Entries

Friday, July 10, 2009
This is it, the final day to get your submissions sent in to become one of 5-Hour Energy’s celebrated fans. We have gotten an astounding number of entries for the Featured Fan Contest those who think they should be one of the faces to represent 5-Hour Energy, but we know that there are plenty more out there. You’re probably one of the procrastinating types who enjoys last-minute deadlines bearing down on them, and we like that. You perform best under extreme pressure and we have been looking forward to these just-in-time entries since the beginning. So send your story of 400 words or less and a picture of you doing whatever it is you do best when sipping or slamming a 5-Hour Energy shot. The winners get a personalized spot in the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone and 72 free energy shots for work, play and everything in between.

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5-Hour Energy Drivers Keep it Hot in the Subway Jalapeno 250

Monday, July 6, 2009
The NASCAR Nationwide Series returned to Daytona International Speedway this week and the 5-Hour Energy drivers manhandled their bruised cars, loose steering and slew of accidents under the lights at the "World Center of Racing" for two top-20 finishes.

5-Hour Energy Racing’s veteran driver Steve Wallace posted his fifth consecutive top-15 series finish – joined by only two other drivers, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski. Wallace, known in previous seasons for his inconsistency, battled to a 12th place finish after a blown engine in practice, which put him to the rear of the pack, and two separate incidents during the Subway Jalapeno 250. Wallace kept consistent in a battered and loose racecar for the race’s remaining 20 laps to hold off Matt Kenseth for another top-15 finish.

In the No. 62 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Chevrolet, rookie Brendan Gaughan also wrestled with handling issues at Daytona and tailed just a few cars behind his Rusty Wallace Racing teammate Steve Wallace for a 17th place finish. This marked Gaughan’s 11th top-20 performance of the season and the 5-Hour Energy drivers stand side-by-side in 8th and 9th position for the championship rankings with only 6 points separating them.

The team heads to Chicagoland Speedway this week for the 18th race of the season and the second half of an already heart-pumping championship.


Submissions to be a 5-Hour Featured Fan Keep Flying In

It's just about a week away from the closing of the search for the 5-Hour Energy A-List and fan submissions have been remarkable. The team at 5-Hour Energy is extremely impressed to see how our fans achieve more everyday with the help of a 5-Hour Energy shot.

The deadline is Friday July 10, so you still have time to send us your story of 400 words or less and a photo of you doing what you do best with a shot of 5-Hour Energy. Our past contest submissions have shown us that believers in 5-Hour Energy don’t fit a single mold. So no matter how it is that 5-Hour helps you perform, put it on paper and attach a snapshot for the chance join the ranks of featured fans of the top energy shot in the nation.

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