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Re-Energized: Steve Wallace & Team 5-Hour Energy Rally for Top-Ten Finish in Bristol

Monday, March 23, 2009

BRISTOL, TN (March 22, 2009) - Energy was the name of the game for Steve Wallace and his No. 66 5-Hour Energy Rusty Wallace Racing team in Saturday afternoon's NASCAR Nationwide Series event at Bristol Motor Speedway. After a lackluster 30th place qualifying effort, Steve and his 5-Hour team did not disappoint, gaining 23 spots to record a seventh-place finish.

Despite his qualifying effort, Wallace was confident in his Chevrolet Impala SS heading into Saturday's race and it showed. The third-generation driver moved from 30th place into the top-15 by lap 60.

Wallace's 5-Hour Energy machine ultimately stormed past several additional cars—including the No. 99 Red Bull entry—and into the top-ten by lap 180.

As the race entered its final 100 laps, Wallace would prove not to be satisfied with the 10th spot. The young wheelman quickly mounted another charge forward, ultimately gaining three additional spots to move into the seventh position, where he would ultimately finish.

Wallace's Bristol finish marked his second straight top-ten at Bristol and his second top-ten in his last three Nationwide Series starts overall. With this effort, Wallace was one of the biggest movers in the Nationwide Series driver standings, jumping 11 spots to 17th.

Meanwhile, the race went in almost opposite fashion for Wallace's teammate, Brendan Gaughan (No. 62 South Point Hotel & Casino Chevrolet).

After starting the race from the pole position, Gaughan experienced a tire failure early in the event, which would ultimately force the No. 62 to pit road under green flag conditions. Despite losing three laps and falling as low as 36th position after the green flag stop, Gaughan would consistently knock out lap times as quick as most of the leaders.

Gaughan's perseverance proved to pay off, as over the remainder of the event, the No. 62 team would gain 15 positions, to finish in the 21st position. This perseverance enabled Gaughan to maintain the fourth position in the Nationwide Series driver standings.

Following an off-week for the Nationwide Series, the next event for Rusty Wallace Racing is the April 4th event at Texas Motor Speedway.


5-Hour Energy Returns to NASCAR at Bristol Motor Speedway

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's known among NASCAR fans that a race at Bristol means twisted sheet metal, snapped control arms and oil slicks. Believe it or not, in the midst of the pandemonium at the half-mile oval of Bristol Motor Speedway there is a race going on.

To join the fun this weekend, 5-Hour Energy and Rusty Wallace Racing will field the no. 66 5-Hour Energy Chevrolet in the Scotts Turf Builder 300 for 5-Hour Energy's second season in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Driver Steve Wallace, son of NASCAR great and team owner Rusty Wallace, will enter his second season with 5-Hour Energy Racing as the wheelman of the 5-hour Energy car. In 2008 fans watched 21 year-old Wallace capture his first career top-5 and top-10 finishes with a little added boost from his favorite energy shot.

The Scotts Turf Builder 300 is the first of 10 NASCAR Nationwide Series races the 5-Hour Energy Chevrolet will compete in during the 2009 season. NASCAR and 5-Hour Energy fans will see Wallace and the 5-Hour Energy car passing and drafting at Dover International Speedway, Richmond International Speedway, Lowe's Motor Speedway and more.

NASCAR races can last longer than three hours with cockpit temperatures around 120 degrees. As if trying not to pass out from the extreme heat and g-forces wasn't enough for one afternoon, drivers will tell you that going four wide into turn three at 200 mph is nothing like driving Miss Daisy. Alertness and agility are a must for drivers.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series season has just begun and the team at 5-Hour Energy, Rusty Wallace Racing, and our 5-Hour Energy fans are ready cheer the no. 66 5-Hour Energy Chevrolet to a series podium.


5-Hour Energy MySpace Contest

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 5-Hour Energy MySpace contest has concluded and we are happy to announce that after a highly scientific round of pulling a name out of a hat, the lucky winner is Energy 92.7! They have won a gift certificate for a free 12 pack of 5-Hour Energy shots. Our team is excited about the 5-Hour Energy MySpace page, and the chances it has given us to connect and communicate with so many of our fans. We have met pretty much every walk of life from big rig cowboys who use 5-Hour Energy while in the saddle on the long haul to over-analytic graduate students who find the molecular composition of 5-Hour Energy to be a perfect formula for exam preparation, and we're looking forward to hearing from more of you on MySpace, here on the blog, on our YouTube account, and anywhere else.

We know there are even more 5-Hour Energy fans on MySpace that we haven't yet connected with, so send over your friends who would love to know when the next opportunity is to win free 5-Hour Energy.

The 5-Hour Energy MySpace page is a great place to stay connected to your favorite energy shot, but the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone is where fans like you get the latest on 5-Hour contests, promotions, news, fan stories and more. Being a 5-Hour Energy MySpace friend and staying updated at the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone puts you in the pole position for future opportunities to get free 5-Hour Energy.


Name the Energy Guy Contest: The Final Stretch

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanks to all of our 5-Hour Energy shot fans, we have collected more than 600 unique name ideas for our Energy Guy. The team at 5-Hour Energy has narrowed down the long and creative list to the top five ideas and now you need to vote for the winner.

The top five name submissions are:

  • Dash
  • Energy Guy
  • Steve
  • Marathon Mike
  • Powered Howard

This is a big decision to make. Give it some thought. Throw back a 5-Hour Energy shot, lace up your shoes, and become the 5-Hour Energy Guy. You’re always at the top of your game, never exhausted and always focused. What name will the fans be cheering when you cross the finish line?

When you’re ready, go ahead and vote.

After you vote head over to the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone for the latest news, videos, fan photos and stories. Be sure to become a 5-Hour MySpace friend to get the latest updates on future 5-Hour contests to win more 5-Hour Energy shots.