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Name the 5-Hour Energy Guy Contest

Monday, February 9, 2009

You've seen the runner from the 5-Hour Energy logo. But do you know his name? No? Well neither do we, and that's a problem.

So we're leaving it up to 5-Hour fans to help us decide what to name him. Since the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone is going to be the home turf for our very own 5-Hour Energy Guy, that's where you need to go to be a part of the Name the Energy Guy Contest. The fan that suggests the best name for the 5-Hour Energy Guy will win free 5-Hour Energy shots. And who doesn't want free 5-Hour Energy? Check out the contest over at the 5-Hour Fan Zone, and use your creative energy for the good of the Energy Guy.

While you're at the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone, don't forget to take a look around and see what else we have going on. Help us out today, and enter to win free 5-Hour Energy while you're at it.

Name the Energy Guy – Win Free 5-Hour Energy


You Are Already a Fan, Why Not Become a Friend and Win a Free 12 Pack of 5-Hour Energy Shots?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
You may have noticed that the new 5-Hour Energy Web site is in operation and running at full stride, but the Web site is just one location that 5-Hour Energy is invigorating minds and improving performance. The new 5-Hour Energy MySpace page is connecting scholars, fitness gurus, musicians, gamers, working adults and all other walks of life within a popular social community. Since we love to see the world fueled and at peak performance, those who become a MySpace friend of 5-Hour Energy are instantly entered to win a free 12 pack of 5-Hour Energy shots!

We appreciate that our fans want to be kept up to date about the latest 5-Hour Energy products, promotions, events and more, so we created the 5-Hour MySpace page to give us a place to really connect with our large audience, and provide quick shots of 5-Hour Energy updates, news and promotions. For our friends on the 5-Hour MySpace page, efficiency is optimized and the daily pursuit of energy is extinct because they are the first to know about 5-Hour Energy contests and freebies.

The 5-Hour Energy MySpace community is just one addition to the line up of new online opportunities to connect with the 5-Hour smooth energy shot. We've introduced the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone, where fans can share their 5-Hour photos and stories, as well as the "Name the Energy Guy" contest and 5-Hour Energy YouTube channel. There is always something energizing online from 5-Hour Energy.