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Name the Energy Guy Contest Conclusion

The Name the Energy Guy contest is over, and the result shows the fans like things the way they are. No need to plaster any embarrassing names on our logo's name tag, the Energy Guy remains The Energy Guy.

5-Hour Energy hosted a contest on the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone throughout February that asked fans to come up with names for the logo's silhouetted runner. After over 600 names were suggested, the top five nominations were put to a vote. The finalists were Dash, Marathon Mike, Powered Howard, Steve and The Energy Guy.

Just what did our beloved mascot think of the finalists? "It would have been a lot for me to give up my name on a shameless marketing gimmick."

And his take on The Energy Guy winning it all? "Thankfully the good people who use 5-Hour Energy came to my rescue."

Luckily, our mascot has an official name he is happy with. His name and reputation remain intact and we only have you, the fans, to thank for that! Check out the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone for more contests and to keep in touch with our very own, officially named, The Energy Guy.


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April 30, 2009 at 1:04 PM

I cannot find the "NO_CAFFEINE " product at Walgreen's or Rite-Aide!
I cannot use caffeine products as they lead to sleeplessness and arrhythmia. I also do not like the "jitters" and nervousness I would get with caffeine.

the energy drink gave me the boost to my physical energy as well as enhancing my focus, awareness, alertness and overall mental performance.
It has been a godsend to keep up in work outs, at work, and while studying.

I am not sure why you took out the Niacin, as that is a great help in reducing arterial plaque, and it helps insulin resistant people like myself not feel sugar cravings.

Most importantly where can I get it???

Ross in RI    

June 2, 2009 at 10:45 AM


I'm sorry you're having difficulty finding Decaf 5-Hour Energy. I know it can be a little hit or miss at retail, however there are a number of online stores that should be a little more predictable.

Try these:
Decaf 5-Hour at GNCDecaf 5-Hour at Drugstore.comAlso, please keep in mind that Decaf 5-Hour Energy does contain some caffeine, but only as much as a half cup of decaffeinated coffee. So if you can handle a cup of decaf you should be able to handle the Decaf 5-Hour Energy fine.

I hope this helps.

Carl Sperber
Living Essentials    

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