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Big Online Changes for 5-Hour Energy in 2009

5-Hour Energy has been working hard to unveil a new, interactive online platform for the New Year. We’re pleased to announce all of the new features of 5-Hour Energy.com, and we invite you to explore the changes.

The new 5HourEnergy.com

  • There is a new and improved 5-Hour Energy Web site that went live on January 12. 2009. The new Web site is larger, more interactive, and more educational. This new Web site is a "one-stop" gateway into the world of 5-Hour Energy. Users will find important information regarding not only 5-Hour Energy products, but also industry news as well as health and safety information. The new 5-Hour Web site gives the public a place to learn about 5-Hour Energy products, connect with other fans, and have an insider's look into the energy industry.

The new 5-Hour Fan Zone

  • The Fan Zone is an exciting new place for those who use 5-Hour Energy shots to connect and use some of their smooth energy to have some fun. Always changing, the Fan Zone will be home to contests, celebrity fans, and the 5-Hour Energy guy. Fans have the opportunity to submit material for contests and vote on their favorites. The winners will win free 5-Hour Energy, and everyone will get the chance to interact with other 5-Hour Fans.

  • To kick off the launch of the new Fan Zone, 5-Hour has put together a contest to help fans win free 5-Hour Energy. The Name the Energy Guy Contest is up and running, waiting for a winner. Details and entry forms can be found at the new 5-Hour Fan Zone. New contests will be on their way soon, so make sure to check back in often!
The 5-Hour Blog

  • Well you've already found the blog, but there will be plenty of reasons to keep coming back. The 5-Hour Blog will discuss topics that are important not only to 5-Hour Fans, but also those in the public with questions or concerns about the 5-Hour Energy line of products. The comprehensive 5-Hour Blog will cover topics ranging from energy tips to industry news and 5-Hour Energy updates, plus much more.
5-Hour MySpace Page

  • 5-Hour Energy is now on MySpace! This Social Media platform is an exciting new way for people to interact with the 5-Hour Brand. The public can friend 5-Hour Energy on MySpace, and stay even more up to date with the brand.

5-Hour YouTube Page

  • YouTube is a huge phenomenon on the web, and 5-Hour Energy has gotten on board. Viewers will be able to watch videos and commercials from 5-Hour Energy. They will also be able to submit their own videos and connect with 5-Hour Energy in new and exciting ways!
From the newly redesigned Web site to the new blog and Fan Zone, 5-Hour Energy is excited about the launch of their new Social Media program. Whether you’re a die hard fan of 5-Hour Energy looking to win some freebies, curious as to why our featured fans love us so much, or wondering about the safety of Energy shots in general, the new 5-Hour Energy online initiative has you covered. We invite you to join us online today and see what all the excitement is about!

5-Hour Energy has had an exciting start to the New Year, and we're looking forward to connecting with you through these new online initiatives. Now that you've gotten a little introduction, feel free to explore the new Web site, and don’t forget to check back as new information and contests will be added regularly.
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