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Energy Drinks and Kids

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What are parents to do?

Why do kids need energy drinks? This is what I ask myself every time I see a kid holding an energy drink can. If memory serves, I had no shortage of energy as a kid. Certainly, my kids had no shortage of energy. So what is the attraction between kids and energy drinks, and what is a parent supposed to think about it?

The fact is kids don't need energy drinks. They want them. Why? To find the answer, reach way back into your memory and think about how you were as kid – and be honest. If you were like most young people you measured your early life in numbers of new experiences. The more new experiences you chalked up the more you felt like you were growing up, which you couldn't do fast enough. Sound familiar? This young outlook may have led to reckless, risky behavior, but since you're reading this blog now, I can only assume you survived the experiences and came out the other end wiser. Hopefully.

I write this, not as a license for children to consume energy drinks, but as a reason they are attracted to them, as you would have been had they been available in the good old days.

In four years of representing 5-hour ENERGY® at events and trade shows, I have seen a lot of parents dragging their kids away from the array of red bottles displayed at our booth. "You don't need any more energy," mom says. "But I want to know what it's like," says the little nipper.

What is a parent to do? We, the makers of 5-hour ENERGY, are on your side. We are parents, too. To us it all boils down to education. We teach our kids about drugs, alcohol and tobacco – why not energy drinks? Certainly energy drinks aren't in the same conversation with controlled substances. Energy drinks are perfectly legal, normally harmless, and beneficial when used for the right reasons. Working adults have all kinds of good reasons for using energy drinks. They work two jobs, or work and go to school, or juggle career and family responsibilities. Until afternoon naps become an accepted part of the work day, a lot of us will continue to need help staying alert and productive after lunch. We need an energy boost. Kids just want to know what it's like.